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We Are Brothers and We Are Lovers

I am a reflection of you. In God’s world, everything is a mirror image of itself. We can never really know what we look like until we look at ourselves in the mirror. The mirror tells us what we look like.

Just as the image of us on the outside is beautiful the image on the inside is beautiful. Whatever we reflect we get back. You are my reflection that tells me what I look like. This is how God is revealed to the self — He is what I see in my image.

Religion is here to help us discover what is right and wrong, but God does not want us to be robotic. Like a parent teaches a child not to do something; does the parent actually expect the child not to do it? We are here for the experience and that comes from the heart.

God wants us to know.

We can learn right from wrong because religion (path, brain) told us so but that does not mean that we know. In this day, we can know because we have a history of committing right and wrong. Man was created on the sixth day, but the sixth day will only be complete when man knows that he is good. That means that man (humanity) has learned from his history of mistakes and chooses to do the right thing. We are good because God created us, God is only good. We will never be complete until we understand that we are the image of God. That means we desire to do the right thing. That means we choose God or choose good. Time stops (balance) when we finally stop being children and be who we really are.

Being good is still not that simple because religion (path, brain) is still robotic. That is why God is even deeper than just being good. God is love (heart).


History has divided us into boxes. We are separated by our race, religion, traditions, culture, and beliefs. This is all good because God is so creative. We are all different because we are created to challenge ourselves to love.

It is harder to love what is different or seemingly opposes one’s understanding.

Like a man and a woman is challenged to understand the other, all of us in our boxes are also challenged to understand the other.

If we believe in God we believe in good.

God is only good. If we are looking at the other and seeing good then this is the reflection we see who is the self. The self that only believes in God only believes in good.

We can see that we are all children all trying to understand what is good. We all are making mistakes as we all don’t understand. We need to be compassionate toward the other and his life journey.

We Are Energy

A woman is not in love with a woman like a man is not in love with a man. The energy flows differently. To create more positive energy we need to understand how our energy flows…

Spirituality is energy. Spirituality is different than physicality — They are opposites. Since the beginning of time, God is trying to reveal to us that He is energy. If God is energy we are also energy because God created us and we are His image.

God created this place (earth) for us to choose Him. He did not want our love to be robotic, forced, or oppressive. He loves us so He allows us to freely choose to love Him back. He gives us earth to show us who He is. We learn from our bad experiences so that we can know we don’t want them anymore. God reveals to us that earth is like being in Egypt (oppression) or being in exile.

When Adam and Eve committed the very first sin, they were seemingly separated. Adam is like God in heaven, the image of the perfect man who only loves. Eve is humanity who became exiled because of sin. This meant she had to discover what is good and reject evil. She had to love God to bring her Adam back to her. She is the feminine energy that is physical that loves the masculine energy that is spiritual.

Physical and Spiritual become ONE

Israel is the place on earth that is the image of heaven. This place does not exist yet because man is still not final in his creation since he is still committing evil. Not until man knows he is the image of God and he is good can we have heaven on earth.

Israel is like the Garden of Eden. Man or humanity is wandering about in a desert trying to find the Promised Land. We will never find it until man finds himself first.

The Tribes of Israel

Religion is the tribes. The Jew is the head and the people (nations) are the heart. We are all in exile, both Jews and non-Jews, no one is wiser and no one is righteous. We all have fallen short and we all turned our back on God (Psalm 14:1-3, Psalm 53:1-3).

There was only one man who came, who is despised and is still rejected. He is the man who is like the perfect Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45-58). He came to restore the Jews and the nations to peace and love towards one another. There is only ONE.

We Are ONE

All religion preaches peace and love, yet, all religions do not love the other. The golden message of every religion is this:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We see our reflection in the other. When we see the other as a compliment or a reflection of the self that we believe in is good, we believe they were created by God. We believe in God. That is when we are able to put ourselves in the other’s shoes. We are able to love and respect everyone the same way we would like to be treated.

The Jews and the nations are in a love relationship.

The Jew is challenged by the nations and the nations are challenged by the Jew. This is the masculine and feminine energy that completes one another as ONE. When we love we are giving love (masculine) and when we are choosing to love, we are receiving love (feminine).

We are all brothers.

The nations are all religions (Jews and non-Jews) that love God. Together we are brothers. We all love one another with brotherly love. “You shall not hate your brother in your heart. You shall surely rebuke your neighbour, and not bear sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself: I am the Lord (Leviticus 19:17–18)

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17

ONE Adam

Together we are ONE Adam. We are ONE brain and ONE heart. But in this world, the feminine is dominant because it is a reflection of the masculine in heaven (opposite). That means we do not make the masculine physical dominant (ego), we make the masculine spiritual dominant, which is the feminine physical (heart).

When we chose to love from our heart, we choose God, we choose to be the masculine spiritual energy that only loves.

When we believe in our spiritual reflection that is good, we are believing only in God. We are nothing, God is everything. When we love God, we become everything. We become the world. We become compassionate beings who care about everyone the same as we care about ourselves. We understand that we are all children making mistakes but we want to be good. Is there such as thing as a bad child? What good mother rejects her child because she only sees that he is bad?

We are becoming love.

We are here to experience the highest form of love, which is divine. We are here to understand that we are love.

Find the self in what you see. Seeing God is believing in what is good not in what is bad.

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