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What On Earth Is Kabbalah?

Everything is about a relationship. Everything is God as God created all and is in all. We are in a relationship with God, even if we completely deny that we are. Humanity is not supreme because God is. Until we understand that there is order to this world, we will never have it. For now,… Continue reading What On Earth Is Kabbalah?

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The Love of God

There is an interesting dynamic going on in the world that I believe has been here since the beginning of time. The only difference is that today, it is becoming increasingly more obvious. Masculine and feminine are becoming their own separate identities. We are being defined. As we know, everything is one but one can… Continue reading The Love of God

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The Elephant In The Room

The world seems to be getting wind of the new movement that is happening. It is fast and it is fierce. I am an observer. All this time, we have been relying on our religions to save us, to cause order, and to connect us to one another. We believed in a Savior -- He'll… Continue reading The Elephant In The Room

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Who is Better, the Man or the Woman?

You and I have been on this journey since, oh, the Garden of Eden. Way back when we thought everything was so perfect and easy. There was just you and me. We had no distractions. Playful innocence is all we knew. We were only children... How great would it be to go back to then?… Continue reading Who is Better, the Man or the Woman?