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Finding God is Finding Balance

There is something bigger than our physical selves and that is our spiritual selves. There is a complement to be found between the physical and the spiritual. We are meant to find a balance, but most of us are not very balanced, not being in tune with what is spiritual or thinking that spirituality has… Continue reading Finding God is Finding Balance

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HELP WANTED: Faith in God is Having Faith in Ourselves

We tend to downplay ourselves. We can't fathom that we are on the same playing field as an Almighty God. Just as we are what we eat, we are what we think or believe. Our thoughts can actually be the stumbling block to our success. If we believe we are not good enough then we… Continue reading HELP WANTED: Faith in God is Having Faith in Ourselves

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✨Happy 5781 New Year!!✨

Hebrew words have a numerical value called gematria. If the true gematria can be understood there is a ton of understanding available through parabolic symbolism.  During these days, it is easy to lose hope. We've watched apocalyptic movies; humanity has destroyed themselves but has devised a plan to live in outer-space and venture to other… Continue reading ✨Happy 5781 New Year!!✨

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I Have a Dream!

I had everything I wanted... Driven by hope. We are not God. We are the enemy to ourselves when we allow our egos to be in control. I have a dream, for a better world where God is in control... Remember that simple wish when you were a child? World peace! Admit it, we all… Continue reading I Have a Dream!

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Breaking Free from Chains of Untruth

There are three thoughts that determine the outcome of our circumstances: I can change, I will change, or I can't change. If my thought is that I can't change, then I won't. If I believe that I can't change then I have already deemed myself not able to -- That will leave me with no… Continue reading Breaking Free from Chains of Untruth

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Heading to the Promised Land: A Call to Holy Living

WE ARE about to have what God has always promised. Since the beginning of time, God's plan has always been to have a perfect place, a perfect garden, and a perfect people. God created man on the sixth day and this day will not be complete until we have defined good and bad as the… Continue reading Heading to the Promised Land: A Call to Holy Living