Yom Kippur

Returning to Your True Self

Yom Kippur is a special appointed day observed on September 27th of the Biblical calendar year as being the Day of Atonement.

The First Six Day

God created the world in six days. In God’s time, humanity was made on the sixth day. Therefore in God’s eyes, we are still in the sixth day and this day will take as long as needed until we learn who God is so that we can understand our true selves.

The Second Sixth Day

We recognize the Sabbath because the Sabbath reconnects us to our Creator. After a six day work week, we rest as God rested when all His work was done. God is all-knowing, therefore God knows the beginning and the end of time therefore He does not have time. Time is designed for us (humanity) to learn. We are learning throughout our sixth day week, but on the Sabbath, we take a break and we enjoy our place with God.

The Third Sixth Day

The Sabbath of all Sabbaths.

Yom Kippur is a Sabbath for us to know that there will be a final eternal Sabbath day. If we look back throughout time from the beginning until now we can see that history can also be compared to being a sixth day work week. We (humanity) have worked hard all throughout time trying to understand God so that we can understand our true selves knowing that tomorrow is a final Sabbath day rest.

That is when it is Yom Kippur and together we who love God stand before God because we can stand in that holy place because we truly are holy. We have learned the difference between good and evil, the world is restored, and we have become One with our Creator.

We have found our absolute true self.

God created us (humanity) in one day (the sixth day).
History is like a six day work week.
We are still waiting for Yom Kippur.

It is important for believers to observe God’s appointed Holy Days because recognizing them is recognizing that God is in control and not ourselves. There is learning in understanding what belongs to God.

We worship the seventh day and not the sixth day.

The sixth day represents man’s day for learning the difference between good and evil. Those who are His love God, who is only good, by submitting to His direction and not their own. Looking back on our six days we see that in our power we have failed over and over again.

We see that in our humanity we are evil. We have caused much turmoil, destruction, and pain.

Moving forward, we are remorseful for our poor choices and actions as we can see that our way is not good.

Now we see more than ever before how much we truly need God’s guidance.

The number 6 represents man. The number 7 represents God. Which number do you honor and obey?