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The Power of Your Love

The superpowers of the world have put the people in a state of uncontrolled chaos creating a lot of anxiety about what will happen next. Putting us all in an even greater frenzy, our news stations fight over what’s the next best story that will create the most hair-raising attention to themselves.

I sense your anxiety. The whole world does. What do you think we are?

We are energy. Our energy is either good or bad, negative or positive, giving or receiving.

The world is unbalanced as it responds appropriately to the effects of our understanding.

Anxiety has become our friend. Anxiety can be a friend and not our enemy. It is there because it wants to let us know that something is not right. Something is out of balance. Anxiety is fear. We cannot just simply remove our fear. We have to rationalize why it is there.

It is not good to be in a state of fear but how do we know how to be the opposite. How do we know how to be love? How do we trust love?

If we are the image of God, we are love.

Knowledge is Power

Whatever we believe in, we are. I have always believed in the perfect Jew. My life was in a state of chaos, once, and then again, and then one more time… I was completely unbalanced within myself. I could not make heads or tales of what was right or wrong. I grew up in dysfunction. Just like we all have. In this upside-down world, we have been taught that good is bad and bad is good. Do as I say but not as I do. Familiar with that? Our leaders, including the church, have been hypocritical.

So, what is truth?

Not knowing the truth leaves one in a state of anxiety. It leaves us feeling weak and more dependent on the people who are in control — our leaders. The corrupt leaders don’t want us to know. They have tried very hard all through time for us not to know the truth so they can continue to control us so that we do what they want — like make them filthy rich and powerful.

We all have our truth even when our truth may not line up with God, we still believe in it. We believe that abuse is truth. How can we believe that? When we know our thinking is wrong we still believe in it because we believe we are too weak — So, we stand with the majority because we do not see the power in ourselves.

There are many versions of truth about God that we have completely disconnected from because of religion. Religion has confused us about God. Religion has been inconsistent and hypocritical. Our history has been run by leaders, we trusted, who took good people who believed in them, but the leaders took advantage of us.

If the leaders don’t love the other then they are hypocrites.

They oppressed the people and would not allow them to understand anything outside of themselves. We loved our leaders but they did not love us back. Instead, they cared more about their ego and pocketbooks than the people they swore they were there to protect.

Time to Wake up

Mostly, we, the people, have to start believing in who we are. We have to figure out who God is, in truth, on our own because our leaders did a miserable job teaching us who He is. How many of us are actually reading the Bible ourselves?

Know the truth so that you can know when people are blowing a bunch of smoke in your face.

The older generations trusted the people and look where we are. The new generation must learn to trust in God, in truth, and in themselves.

Reprogram the Mind

We are in a time of information. There is no information out there that cannot be found within a few minutes. Everyone has also made a Youtube video about it. If I listened to my doctors, I would be dead mostly because of all the toxic medications they told me I should be on. I also would be helpless because they told me I had an incurable illness of the mind. Because of it, it would be necessary for me to be on highly toxic medications for the rest of my life. I was insecure, uneducated. I trusted them.

We should never believe in man. If we believe in God, we only believe in the perfect Jew man who came and taught us to love God and one another.

We are a minority.

I spend a lot of time trying to encourage the world to see the lies that we have been told, but they fight me as they do not want to stop believing in their current reality of anxiety, chaos, and dysfunction.

People are sadly convinced by the world that this is the true reality!


Our reality is who we are. We are the POWER!! If we want a different reality, we have to stop believing in the current one of chaos and destruction. We are only giving our power away to the narcissist who has convinced us that we are weak — He is taking our power!

The mind believes what you tell it to believe in.

You are your world.

We are like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. She is represented as Eve in the Bible. It is necessary to know evil to know what is good. The masculine is like the tree of life. He is represented as the perfect man.

 “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

Together we are God’s Bride. We are a Mother. We are the feminine energy on earth that loves the masculine energy in heaven. We bring heaven to earth. When we love, love did not come from the human man. Love only comes from God — God is love.

Love is selfless and loves the other. When we love we recognize truth. We see our perfect son who is a reflection of one another.

Do not be Decieved!

We are easily deceived by the evil in this world that is causing us to be in a lot of pain and anxiety. But if we trust in God, we can trust the truths about God to know that everything else in comparison is not reality. The state of the world is an illusion that our brain has accepted as truth.

The truth is that we, who believe in the truth, are the power. The darkness and evil in this world are afraid of us. Today, evil has nowhere to hide. In the past, evil was able to easily manipulate and lie, oppressing people to believe in things to suit its own self.

Today, evil is exposed. The light is exposing this demon and the demon knows he is being exposed. He is finding it harder and harder to find a dark corner to hide himself in. Now, he threatens, with the last of his strength, he plays his last card. Poker-faced but he quivers inside. He is losing his grip on us believing in him. He is losing control. He is losing the game.

What is on the outside is on the inside.

We are created in an image. If we believe in the perfect Jew, we become the perfect Jew. We bring heaven here on earth. Our reality becomes perfect because we only see what is perfect. This is who we are.

Believing in evil is believing in a lie. Believing evil is powerful is not believing in God.

God is the winner. God is who we need to believe in.

Believe in truth. Recognize the lie.

We are only good. God is our reality.

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