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The Art of Listening

My day starts off exactly how I respond to it -- For every action, there is always a response. Life in the Fast Lane As you know, I am a nurse and lately, I am noticing an ongoing behaviour that I seemed to have accepted about myself. My job can be busy and knowing that… Continue reading The Art of Listening

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[PODCAST] The Healing Power of God

Today we discuss the difference between faith in Biblical times compared to how our faith is now. A Bible Study Thomas and I like doing a daily Bible study using the YouVersion app. You can sign up for a number of different plans and work on them at your own leisure independently or with other… Continue reading [PODCAST] The Healing Power of God

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Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking…. Into the Future

We have inherited time because of sin. The longer it takes to learn, the longer the darkness will exist. Darkness is the first half of time and light is the other. This time, can be compared to a day. God created man on the sixth day, and it takes him a history of time to… Continue reading Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking…. Into the Future

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Our Divine Purpose: Who Are We?

Life is a journey to finding your true self that reveals a love story. The message of God is best summed up through the words, “love God and love your neighbour.” We learn to love ourselves by understanding love, which is God and that is how we truly know how to love one another. The… Continue reading Our Divine Purpose: Who Are We?

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[PODCAST] The High Standards of God

The Price of Sin Today we discuss the high standards expected from us as believers and what it means for us when we sin. Time is made for man to learn. We learn through the process of making mistakes like children do -- We learn from our mistakes. We are not perfect, but we are… Continue reading [PODCAST] The High Standards of God

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Porn, Seduction, Sex Sells, OY VEY!

To understand our spiritual selves better we need to understand that all the things that we do are a reflection of where our mind is at. What we desire is in our heart and what we do is our brain putting what is in our heart into action. Who is God? We are not god… Continue reading Porn, Seduction, Sex Sells, OY VEY!

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Tikkun Olam: Is Change Difficult?

As the world slowly reopens we are trying to comply with all the new rules. The ongoing drama of what will happen next continues. The Heresy People who sit in high places who use their higher ranking positions to take advantage of others are the worst of the worst. Outwardly, they appear to be honorable,… Continue reading Tikkun Olam: Is Change Difficult?