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The Unforgivable Sin

If God is unconditional love how can He be unforgiving? When it seems we have a contradiction we need to put ourselves in God’s shoes to understand what He means.

Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven.

Matthew 12: 31-32

Everyone is afraid to commit the unforgivable sin, but what sin could this possibly be?

There are two deaths that a human being goes through. The first death is the spiritual death. When we choose God we choose to die to our animal ego that goes against God. The animal-self chooses selfishly the things it wants for the individual self. It has made itself a god, only thinks about its wellbeing and success, and believes it is the only thing that matters.

When we die to the animal-self we are already with God because we are aware of Him and not ourselves. We are aware that our actions reflect what we believe God would want for the self. The self is all of us.

When we die to our animal-self, we have died, and we are already living eternally with God. It may not seem that way sometimes because we are still living in exile until the rest of the self wakes up too. We still have to live in a world that remains disconnected from God because we are not pure and holy to be standing in front of God’s absolute purity.

We are in exile until we forgive our individual selves.

When we have experienced our spiritual death, the second death does not mean anything. The second death is a lake of fire (Revelation 20:14) that we send ourselves to when we die physically and are now standing before pure holiness. If we have not done our work on our spiritual death, at that point, we have a life-review and can see every single event that happened in our entire life. At the end of our review, we will know if we were good or bad people — we are very hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves hard now that we cannot deny that holiness is true. We see that we have denied Him our whole life. It is easy to lie here on earth but in front of God, there are no hiding one’s lies. That is when we feel the shame of who we really are and commit our own selves to where we believe we deserve to go. We cannot face God with the truth about ourselves — We are too ashamed.

Dealing with the self is now.

It is important to understand that sin is not bad unless we don’t admit that we are sinners. When we have done wrong we need to be accountable for our wrongs and then we grow from them. If we do not admit that we have done wrong, we continue to be stuck in continuing the sin. Instead of being accountable, we are forever stuck playing the blame game. That is when we blame the other for our mistakes because we don’t want to humble our ego or animal-self and be healed from them — the ego struggles with God to admit he did wrong but if he does not get over his ego now it will be worse to stand before God and have to get over it then.

I personally take the non-Christian view and believe that we continue our life in another life until we finally get it. I believe this is because of God’s true love. He created us and we are His. It is really up to us to decide how we want to learn. Do we do the work now and learn and grow into people who love God in this life now or do we learn the hard way by experiencing hardships and evil to one another, being stagnant, and forever experiencing hell?

The evil in this world is from all of us. It has nothing to do with God. God is wanting with the deepest desire for us to love Him back. He is waiting for us to go through the lake of fire and purify ourselves NOW so that we can stand before Him and stop banishing ourselves away from Him anymore.

Let us wake up to our reality that is true. Let us stop playing around like little children. Let us finally wake up to our truth and choose God instead of our ego to have our best life here on earth with Him now.

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