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What A Tangled Web We Weave

We cannot be attached to our physicality. Somehow we have to start seeing ourselves from our spirituality. The mind is physical first; dominant, as we develop ourselves spiritually, which takes a lifetime. A lifetime is not only since our birth of who we are today but also since the birth of where we all began. The spirit of God is one.

We are moving to a place of perfection but there had to be a beginning. God is seemingly outside of ourselves at first as we are forming an objective idea of Him. Before we came here, we chose the life we were going to have. That is when God touched that little part underneath our nose at the top of our lip and caused us to forget. He caused us to start anew to have this experience of finding out our truth who is Him.

It is not good for man to be alone. One is alone. We are here in this duality reality because we want to experience being in love.

We are grounded in our physical experience first because we all are like children learning. We all are also learning together as we all are one. It is difficult to see ourselves as significant to the greatness of our Creator, so that is really the challenge and what is holding us back from accepting our truth.

We place boundaries on ourselves and because of our free will, we remain limited. We cannot believe that God has a purpose for us. We become robotic and find we are just following the crowd, going through the motions.

We cannot believe that we are one with Him, the Divine, and that we are divine, as we are so focused on our mistakes. Our mistakes are holding us back and have made us insecure. We do not believe we are good enough for God.

But God does not see our mistakes because He knows that we are His and will always be His. He is like a parent who waits patiently for the child to believe in himself. He is standing here, always with us, and encouraging us. He is always saying that we will do it, but we have to also want to do it for ourselves. He is holding His hands out to us, a small distance away, until we find the courage to take our very first step.

Eventually, we succeed and then take our next step and then another one. Then the steps just keep getting easier and easier. In time, we don’t even think about taking steps anymore. In the end, we take walking for granted and we don’t even see the great achievement we did to realize that now we are running everywhere.

Just look at yourself. See who you are and what you do and what you have done! You have achieved a great challenge.

You are great!

So, do not see yourself as insignificant because how you see yourself is how you see Him! Do you not believe that He is power? Do you not believe that His power is in you?

Do not compare yourself to anyone. You are the one who has come all the way down here. You are the one who is holding a piece of Him that is only unique to you. You are the only one who is that specific expression of Him to the world. You are the only one unique to every part of your day that you choose to go this way or that way in. You are the creator of your existence that is for Him and to Him.

We can never underestimate the power of Him. His eyes are always on us in the most profound loving way. He is always waiting and wanting for us to choose Him. The more awareness we have of Him the less we see that part that we are playing. We all are playing a part in a movie. It really does not matter if we are the leading actor because we all are the lead to our own specific part.

We are here to develop our relationship with God. We realize that we are in love with Him and can now see ourselves from outside of ourselves looking in. We see when we are a scared child that sometimes does not know what to do. Sometimes we really want someone else to tell us. But you are never alone. He is always there, so all we have to do is trust that He is. When we ask for His help, look around and study what happens next. The answer is not what you initially thought — Trust in Him.

Realize that you are the actor. Start embracing your role. When we see ourselves from the perspective of the outside looking in, we can identify more with our purpose. We won’t take life so personally from the actor’s perspective. This is just a role. Understanding your role will help you see how you can improvise to make the scene work when others are throwing something at you that you did not expect. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Learn to enjoy the part that you are playing. Learn to laugh at yourself and at the silly mistakes that you do. Nothing is serious. There are no mistakes. You are just here having fun.

We Choose

Everything we do in our day is here to teach us something. How we react to life affects the whole. When you learn something about yourself, so does the other. When we know, the other will know too.

His third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. If object A exerts a force on object B, object B also exerts an equal and opposite force on object A. In other words, forces result from interactions.

Newton’s Third Law: Action & Reaction

We are both masculine and feminine energy that is always pushing and pulling. The feminine is humanity. She chooses her energy, which can be positive or negative. When we wake up in the morning we get to choose how we want to be. So, start your day off, and say, I will be positive, I will smile, I will have fun, I will be nice… baby steps!

When we walk with God, we are awake because we are aware. Oh, what’s that? You lost sight that He was beside you when you overreacted to that driver who cut you off?? Well, no problem!! Just start again. Brush the mistake off right away. As soon as you notice the bad juju that lingers, do something to change that bad energy — You’ll figure it out. We all have our own creative way.

Now you see the miracle that it is YOU and miracles that keep happening all the time! You are the unique thread within all the other unique threads, interwoven within the fabric of every single one of us. Every stitch that we created together, is a part of the whole.

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