Lock & Key

Four Master Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

We are all like locks and keys. All of us are either a lock or a key. Each key we find unlocks a different part of ourselves. 

1. The Personal Key

Our relationship begins between God and ourselves. God desires for us to know love and to know how to love, but first, we must learn to love ourselves. We do this by learning what is good and bad to ourselves. When we choose what is good for ourselves then we are aligning ourselves with God.

We are only as big as we allow our God to be, so the more we give to God the bigger our God will be.

As we seek God we are seeking keys. God has placed keys all around for us to find and when we find a key we unlock a new part of ourselves that was always there, but it was hidden until we found the key.

2. The Husband and Wife Key

Marriage is sacred. It is the ultimate expression of intimate love on the highest level known to man.

The man and the woman each have one special key for their special someone. This key is a key that each person has been looking for all of their life, which unlocks a lock that they have deeply anticipated opening.

Each key opens a door to each of themselves that never would have been known unless they had known one other. 

Here, in this door, are many other doors, but those doors need to be opened together and with God. God is another key who holds all of the keys to all of the other doors that they wish to open next.

Life had to take them through every single experience with every single encounter with every single person that they had ever known for them to develop into the people who they are and for them to be in this place that they are now in. 

All of the other doors had to be opened first. 

Our perceptions are what we know at the time of what locks had been opened by whatever key that was found that unlocked a part of ourselves that was always there, but it was locked until we found a key that opened that door. The part of ourselves that was still locked made it so that we would still be looking for our other keys. 

3. The Jew and the Gentile Key

Now, this is the master key of the first two keys because it is found within ourselves, within our relationships, and within the Jews and the Gentiles. God reveals Himself in many, many ways. Firstly, He is revealed through the image of what is equally opposite, which is through the physical and the spiritual. Everything needs to be finely tuned and balanced because everything is equally proportioned.

Secondly, God is revealed through the man and the woman relationships. Again, God is revealed in the complement of love in what is equally opposite. This is all male and female relationships, from friend relationships to sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, but most intimately, between husband and wife.

The layers of God are deep. God’s love is an intimate bond through the marriage of what is equally opposite. God then reveals Himself in another marriage of what is equally opposite with another special key. The Jews and the Gentiles took a history of time to find this key, but every other key that had to be found, had to be found first before finding this key. This key looks very similar to the first two keys, but it is also different. This key unlocks another marriage that resembles the relationship of the two very first people in the beginning of time, but, today, and in the end, they are two equally opposite groups.

When the Jews and the Gentiles (all non-Jews) find this key, it will unlock a door to an even bigger, bigger, bigger self where then we are now ready to find the very last and final key.

4. God’s Key

God also has His one and only key that He desires to give to His love.

But He will only give us this key after all of the other keys have been found.

Those who love God will all be standing there together to open His Great door.

He will be holding His one and only key that is the one true key that we all have been wanting to find since the beginning of time.

God’s love is more intimate than anything intimate that we have ever known complete, but God gives us experience just as a taste of what it all kind-of feels like.

He is and we are.