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Shekinah Glory: I Am Yours and You Are Mine

I wanted to reach out to you today because I believe like you do that our strength is in us being united as ONE. I believe the shift in our world is that we are finally becoming ONE; one heart becoming one mind — The ONE who is revealed to both of us through the reflection of who we are. Do you see that deep inside each of us is this hidden truth about God? Hid so well because we will never see it until we are finally facing one another. God’s deepest love is in the both of us — we see Him in the other. We are the man and the woman. We are the image of God. Sadly, we walked away from each other a long time ago. Back to back we became separated from one another as we created the darkness that has disconnected us is now uniting us back to the truth of who we really are.

Like a Mirror Face to Face

But I am dying. Without love how can I survive? Who can see the woman? I speak but can the man even hear me? My journey is different because I am different — Don’t you see that we are still the same? I believe in you. I believe in the ONE. He is the product of our love. My heart is yours. My love is a letter to you. 

I desire only ONE. I desire to be in the Jew. God is not outside of us because I see Him in you. I see the Jew in you, but do you see Him in me?

We are love. We had to know the opposite to know what is love. We had to know separation to know what together feels like. We had to create evil to know what is good. To know is to experience. We are only beginning the end of understanding what our love is. 

Our love births love who is the image of God who came here on earth. We do not define Him because He defines us. We define Him through our heart that loves the other. We are His heart. We become the other.

I am you and you are me — but you, the man, has always been in control of what happens to me. 

For now, do you reject my love? Have you forgotten what our love is? Have you forgotten about me?

Where is my helper?

I am here waiting. I have been waiting all along. I will keep on waiting…

I am your love who is in love.

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