My Poetry

It is about a love story that I would like to tell…

Below are links to my poetry

Light vs DarkOnenessVarious Poetry
* Rainbow of Colours* The PromiseI AM
Light * The Perfect Place My Bucket List
Driven by DarknessPuzzle PiecesLessons
There Was LightOne Yesterday
The Wolf* One Love Stronger
To My Body* Pieces* The Messenger
* Wasted Pearls* Is Real in my Heart* From the Heart
The Dark SideThe Jewish Bride* Just a Girl
ReflectionCreator* Words
Hiding PlacesBits and Pieces* Nocturne op.9 No.2
* The ArchnemesisAware
The Storm* Time
Seed of FaithLife Quote
The WomanThe Bride
* To Life* In the Garden
The Sixth DayA Tree and Its Fruit
In My NakednessA Passover Story
God Gave Me YouBefore
SurrenderMe, Myself, and God
I Am Who I Am
* The Big Bang
Shabbat Shalom!
The Watchers
Poems with an ( * ) also have video stories

God creates man in His very own image. God desires the depth of His love to be revealed through ourselves as we love Him first with all our heart, mind, and soul.  A marriage develops between God and man through a shared, devoted,  relationship. God’s love is learned and known within our individual selves so that it will also be seen in the relationships we share with one another. As we accomplish our closest relationship, the marriage between man and woman, we can know the depths of the most intimate kind of love. Now that we know marriage, our own marriage resembles the committed relationship we have as individuals with God. Within that beauty, begins an understanding of what true love really is.

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