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You Are My World

We are all on a life journey to the self. We don’t realize this but we are trying to understand who God is.

I am not a scholar on religion or philosophy but I feel that my life journey to understanding myself meant that I had to understand my reflection that I believe is all good and 100% love that unconditionally loves me back. This is a never-ending journey we are on because we all are here to experience being in love. 

I believed in the Bible. Let me clarify because I believe the Bible is a source that tells us about the self and the self’s journey. The self is the collective whole. It is all of us. When we see ourselves, we see ourselves outside of the individual self. We only see our image. When we see God in our image, we see what is good in all things because God created everything and everyone. As His image, we understand that I am you. Religion is not God. Religion is a path that moulds our individual identities. We still have to figure out who God is; who is in all of us, in all the paths that are seeking God or the Promised Land that is perfect and whole.

The Garden of Eden

Where is Israel?

We are ONE brain, therefore we need to understand that we all have different paths that got us to this place. Israel is all our journeys that unite us in love because we unconditionally love one another — We are ONE with God. It is us who define Him in one another. We become balanced — We become ONE within the self.

We cannot deny our journey to how we got here because we all needed this journey through darkness to reveal to our individual selves the mystery and awe of God. Now that we know how to get to this place, we can help each other also find it.

I’ve learned from adversity. I can be thankful for challenges because not losing faith in Him made me a stronger person. I did not intend to have a website, a book, and a mission. Twenty-five years ago, did I think that I would be thinking like this? Of course not! I am just like everybody else. I am also on that road, the same as you. I am just trying to survive here. I desire pleasure just like we all do.

When I am nothing, I realize, now, that I become everything — I become you. This is because I believe in God who is in everything, I am becoming everything. The woman is the image of the man. The woman is in the man. The woman is the physical, feminine, energy that can be either good or evil. If the woman loves God in heaven then she brings the masculine, spiritual, energy down here on earth. 

Energy is spiritual that is reflected in the physical. Masculine energy is unconditional love and feminine energy chooses to be unconditional love. Humanity is all feminine because we all have the choice to love. Love is the heart. The heart is faith. It is nurturing. It loves.

We are here to choose love and be love.

Our brain is good because it is very rational. It trusts the path that we are on, but our heart loves blindly. Love is who we are, first, and then we see the path that will show us the way.

Helping people believe in good is healing. We are here to find ourselves but we find our self in the image of the other. If we believe we all were created by a good God then we only see good. We see God in the other. 

We need to see God in the other to heal the self. We need to understand that we are good. We are the image of God.

This is a very deep Messianic concept that, for now, is mostly rejected. Darkness is oppressing the truth that we are love. It is the darkness that we all have to fight within the individual self to finally be free, to just be — To be in the Promised Land. It is the ego that does not believe that we are good. It does not believe its image is good.

We close the door because we make excuses about trying to understand a concept of oneness which means we have to get over our negativity toward others instead of understanding that negativity is here because it exists in the individual self — The truth is that negativity isn’t real because it is not truth, so we need to stop believing in it.

Help me shine God’s light of love and truth to the world. Desire for us to be healed. Desire for us to be one.

I am oppressed by the darkness that does not want the world to know this secret that will free us all from our dysfunction of being unbalanced between physicality and spirituality. We are here to be healed. We are here to be balanced. 

We are here to be love. When we believe in love we become love. 

Help me help you. 

From my heart to yours.

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