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I’m Not Jewish! But I am in Love with The Jew!!

Oy vey! What is a Gentile to do?? All systems are breaking down as the light can no longer be contained! God's truth is truth and no matter how hard the darkness has tried to conceal it, it simply, cannot!! This is the miracle that we all should be marveling at!! God's truth is truth.… Continue reading I’m Not Jewish! But I am in Love with The Jew!!

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Kabbalah Love

We are fighters. We cannot be passive in the fight against the wrongs in the world. Love is not passive and injustice requires action. Do we assume the best solutions just magically happen? Are we supposed to allow oppression because we want to be kind? Do we just sit and pray to hope that God… Continue reading Kabbalah Love

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Conception: Manifesting the Energy of the Messiah

The Sages teach that in the messianic future, darkness - i.e., evil, the selfish will to receive pleasure - will be unmasked and revealed to be such, may we see this with our own eyes! Id. On that day, we are taught, the moon (The Partzuf of Nukva D'Ze'ir Anpin, the Shekhinah, the corporate soul… Continue reading Conception: Manifesting the Energy of the Messiah

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The Big Bang

We are Pregnant Inside of ourselves is the divine truth that I see in you and you see in me. God is truth found in Messiah. Messiah who is in us. He is the truth that we see in one another, uniting our hearts together with God, bringing clarity, peace, and healing to the world.… Continue reading The Big Bang

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We Are Not Evil

There is a misconception that we continue to believe that people are evil. But the truth is that all people were created by God. God is only good. So, God did not create evil; humanity created evil and humans believe they are bad. God created humans in His image. God is only good; therefore, every… Continue reading We Are Not Evil

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50 Shades of Divinity

He knew he had her attention. Sensing him, so close, she could hear his heart beating, speeding up with more intensity; the pulsing, throbbing through his dark skin, so close and so soft. His mouth, so perfect; a single inhale united them in a hypnotic gaze. Her finger, compelled, reached up and faintly traced along… Continue reading 50 Shades of Divinity

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I Could be Queen of all I See…

If you’re standing next to me. Everything is all in one, one and the same... eventually.  I was originally going to call my book I Am One because that is how I feel. I am one with God. However, I realized that I am actually not one because only God is one. Only God is complete… Continue reading I Could be Queen of all I See…