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Isaiah 53: A Messianic Prophecy Foretold

Isaiah 53 is a messianic prophecy that has been argued about since the beginning of time. The truth that we all are one is a concept that humanity has a difficult time processing. All is one from the beginning until the end. God and all of us have always been here. There is no time except the time it takes for humanity to realize that our true selves are not evil.

Because God is love and only love how is there anything else but love? The universe is love. Here on Earth, we experience evil to know what love is. We humans are the only ones who experience this. We know what love feels like because we have experienced what isn’t. We are still with the illusion that evil exists. Evil is not real because it cannot exist in a universe that is only love. When we wake up and realize who we are (the image of God, therefore, we are love) we will stop playing around and be who we are. All this nonsense is just teaching.

When are we going to finally learn?

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