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Our Truth is Powerful: Take the Power

This journey that we are on is a healing one. To be healed we have to know who we are. To know who we are we have to deprogram a lot of unhealthy programming that stems all the way back from our childhood. After we deprogram ourselves, we then have to build ourselves up by reprogramming ourselves with healthy true information about who we really are.

This is the journey I am on and we all are on. The truth about ourselves is simple and complex. We are created in the image of God but what does that mean? We have to understand who God is. But God is not so easily defined as we all have our different ideas about who God is. God is simple and we are complex. We have made God complex by us all trying to define Him. We are all saying “I am right, this is who God is” but how do we know who God is until we agree we are all created by Him and can see all of us, all of our journeys, and all of our perspectives.

We have to be strong in our own identity to be able to step out and see ourselves in the other person’s shoes — we do not lose ourselves. That is when we find ourselves.

God is Holy

God is in all of us. We all are a piece of the divine. That means we all have been trying to understand who God is but we each have our own perspective of who He is. We all are holding a piece of the puzzle but none of us want to talk with the other to find out what piece we have.

That is our darkness. To be whole we have to look at the whole body. We have to look at mind, body, and soul. All three need to be balanced to be complete and healthy. We need to be whole or holy.

ONE Adam

God is ONE. God created one brain and one heart. We are God’s heart and God is our brain (all of us). We are the feminine. We bring the masculine to earth when we completely submit to Him. He is love. God is unconditional love.

We become unconditional love when we learn to love the other. That is when we see God. We can then see God in each other.

We are Eve

We are the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God is the tree of life. If we love we are good. We have free will to choose to be either good or evil. Truth is here on earth. With the internet, it is easy to seek and find. We are no longer oppressed by religion and by buildings. We can easily find what is good for us and deprogram all that old thinking that has been our ruin and has kept us from understanding who we really are.

When the feminine and masculine meet all things become balanced:

Physical becomes spiritual,
Evil becomes good,
Darkness becomes light,
Religion becomes spirituality,
Curse becomes blessing,
Masculine becomes feminine...

Jews and Gentiles become ONE. The Jews are the head or religion and the Gentiles are the body or spirituality. We are helpers to one another. We are all ONE soul, ONE truth, ONE consciousness. 

The Image of God

God reveals Himself in an image. What is dominant is on the left side but when we love we become the right. Our true self is our image. We are trying to learn who we truly are in the image of God.

We are one brain and one heart — ONE Adam.

Inside each of us is a pearl. We are like an oyster with a very hard exterior that is almost impossible to penetrate unless we are freed from our shell. The only way we can free ourselves is by believing in who we truly are in the image of perfection. We have to love in complete submission to God to be set free from our shell to be the pearl that we are.

Inside of us all is that great pearl that we reveal when we love.

Believing in your pearl is being you. You are powerful. You are a piece of the divine.

Own who you are to reveal your pearl — The world needs you now.

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