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There’s No Place Like Home

I realize that healing begins when we connect to the source of what is considered to be good. Good should not be considered good by the majority but by digging and sifting through ALL of the information in its entirety and then making a reasonable judgment individually on what should be considered to be good while meditating with God for His direction.

As I have a difficult time trusting information, as religion tends to be rather inconsistent, when it comes to learning who God is, I always go with my intuition, as above, and then bounce what I understand with what the Jews’ understanding is. That is how I have come to the understanding that I have come to about who we are.

The journey began in a seemingly perfect garden. God created a man and a woman in His image but what does that mean? I say seemingly because the garden wasn’t perfect. Adam and Eve did not know what perfect was because they had nothing to compare perfection to.

The Wicked Witch of the West

I am wondering what the Jewish understanding is when they are relating their relationship to the nations. I wonder what God is teaching both of us?

I am a non-Jew and realize that I have been learning Kabbalah. This revelation came to me recently but I have been learning about God for over 25 years. It has been since I asked that question “Who is God?”

The short version of my story is that I have been learning about the Jewish people because I realized this was necessary for me to understand who God is better. That is because to really understand God in a deeper way I had to get out of my Gentile self and get into the Jew.

After doing that for a while, I realize that I am in a relationship with the Jews. The Bible is also a never-ending resource that reveals a constant battle between the Jews and the non-Jews or the nations. Is this reflection supposed to reveal the difference between good versus evil?

No Place Like Home

Seeing that all nations failed at representing God so perfectly, it seems that all the nations remain in exile from that once, so seemingly perfect garden. God tells us the name of this garden is called Israel, yet all its tribes remain undivided.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

As a non-Jew, I have been looking at things differently. My journey is my truth that is different from the Jews. I have been looking at things NOT from what was, but always about what will be. Now, that I am getting to know the Jews I have connected more deeply to what was, but I have always seen us in the future perfected state with God. I see us as the woman or God’s Bride.

Looking at us here on Earth today, it is very obvious to me that the Jews and the Gentiles have always been in a relationship. I am wondering if the Jews are seeing this relationship like I am that we are much like a man and a woman. Well, the Jews are the woman and the nations are the man, but when we know our identity we love the other and can identify with the other. That means that we switch places. The man becomes the woman and the woman becomes the man; much like all other opposition.

As we learn that God in Heaven is spiritual and we are physical, we see how God sees and realize our truth is that we are spiritual. Just like we are not evil but, in truth, we are good, and like we are not darkness but, in truth, we are light. We are learning our true identity as we choose it. I believe we are here to love one another like a love relationship. I believe the truth about ourselves is that we support and empower one another to grow deeper and deeper into better people. 

Just like an old couple, here we are. It is now at the end of the day, and we have been through all the good and bad together.

What was mud is becoming clear water. The more clearer the water the more united we become and the deeper the understanding of God is. It seems we are growing into one another and becoming united in ONE thought. We are in the image of God who is love. We make love to one another. That is experiencing God’s love complete. We see the good in each other. What is not God dies and gets forgotten about.

For more on this series please see my Youtube channel. The intro on Kabbalah from a non-Jewish perspective can be viewed here.

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