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Is Real In My Heart

The Spiritual Compliments The Physical

Our DNA is unique to each one of us. Not one other person will have the same DNA. DNA is a physical genetic code that defines who we are. Just as we are all unique physical beings, not one of us has the same unique journey that developed our spiritual DNA. Because each day is completely different for each of us, we each have developed our own perceptions. We are each a unique piece of God meant to give something unique of God to the world. Our DNA is both physical and spiritual. A body cannot exist without a spirit.

As in water face reflects face, So the heart of man reflects man.

Proverbs 27:19

As humans, we have to understand that we are just as much a spiritual being as we are a physical one. The spiritual and physical complement each other in an equal but opposite way. As we look into a mirror we see an image in the refection of ourselves. Do we know our physical selves? Do we know the image in the mirror?

God is a place. He spoke to the people of Israel and told them who He was and that message has been taken to the world — not well, because we are fallible beings. It will take a history of time for us to know the difference between good and evil as was promised.

God is a place, a good place; both a physical and spiritual ONE.

Is Real in my Heart

Oh, Israel,
My one true love,
Your beauty set me free.
I will never leave you,
Forever you are with me.

Oh, Israel,
Perfect Israel,
Whose children know your love.
Are grateful for your way,
Handed down from up above.

Oh, Isreal,
Place of peace,
I heard you call my name.
Found you deep inside myself,
You’ve touched me just the same.

Oh, Isreal,
Revealed Israel,
your love does not compare.
I’m in debt to your mystery,
Of just how much you care.

Oh, Isreal,
My rock, my home,
Our love will never part.
You keep me safe from harm always,
There forever in my heart.

It is my prayer, that someone is reading these posts and they see

God is really real. He is Real.

Taken from archive post on October 23, 2013 Israel In My Heart

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