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No False Gods?

Our Creator

God created a people when He spoke to people telling them who He was. That was the point of talking to a specific group so that that group could show the rest of the world what was good. They would hold the key in knowing who God is.

God promised them land. He would give them a place to be together as One so that the world would see the light and goodness in them.

False Gods

Humanity is in a place that is seeking, but is also very confused about who the real god is. In our searching many of us give up and don’t believe that good could possibly exist. It is difficult to trust. It is difficult to believe that the Bible is not a bunch of made up stories that has no relevance in today’s world. History is full of corruption; however, we need to be wise and see through it because there is gold to be discovered. Don’t let the evil of this world discourage you from believing in good.

When we loose faith that there is a Divine Creator that is good, we also loose faith in the meaning to our own existence. We are part of our Creator; therefore, we all have a unique reason why we are here. It is our purpose to discover our true selves, which means discovering who our Creator is because we are all in the reflection of our Creator.

When we loose faith that there is a true God that is good, we can fall into a trap believing in false gods and continue to add to the chaos and confusion in the world. To deal with our pain and loneliness, such things as alcohol, drugs, food, work, material things and other “things” might instead become our god as we use them to cope and just accept that there is not much more to our fate.

Hope, Faith, and Love

My message is for you to believe in yourself because truth does exist. It is inside of you. It might be hidden in a very dark place for some of us, but it is there, and we all identify to it. We know when something feels right because it is our inheritance. We are part of our Creator — Our Creator is good and is what is good for us.

לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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