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How I Fell in Love

Life for me has always been a struggle. I wanted, but I struggled to have. I eventually understood that what I always wanted was something better. I wanted to be better. I strived to be my best. I needed something outside of myself that would bring the best out in me.

When your whole environment, as we all know, is dysfunctional; how is it that we can identify with something that is better? What is it that is better and what does better mean?

These difficult questions took me to a place in myself that meant I had to look outside of myself and identify with something that I believed in that was good because good meant better. By believing in something good, I started to realize that I could understand what was best and then I could apply it to myself. I realized that I could be in the reflection of what I was understanding to be good.

God is Love

Little by little, as I identified with good I started to understand that I was identifying with love. I started to realize that I was learning how to love myself by being the best version of myself, always desiring to want to be a better version of myself. I learned that I was allowing God to be in control by allowing goodness to be what I wanted and I had the choice to make things better.

Being in Love

How beautiful the day was when I found another person who identified with God the same way; who also was in love with God. How beautiful it is to understand someone who is understanding love and is also working as hard as I am on themselves to keep this love strong.

Here I am understanding this love, not only in myself but in another person. I am experiencing an intimate, shared love and I am able to understand how to give and receive love. It is the bond that I have with God. It is a miracle of God that extends its hand even further than I ever thought I would experience before.

Love is deep, even deeper as I experience God who is love …

One Love

Lend me your hand as we stare at the sky,
Tell me your name as we share the sunrise,
Smile at me as we soak the summer rays,
Whisper “I love you” until the end of days.
Close your eyes and listen to the waves churn,
Walk with me and from each other we will learn.
Lift me up as we climb a mountain together,
Hold me tight through all the stormy weather.
Kiss me goodnight as we slip into the dark,
Win me over as we go skipping through the park.
Follow my voice through the misty, autumn air,
Send me a prayer keeping our love that is so rare,
Sing me a tune revealing the secrets of your heart,
Be with me forever and say you’ll never part.


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