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The Greatest Commandment

The golden rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated but what does that mean? Currently, the world loves itself, and that is why we are having so many problems. Our selfishness has added to the great, big, pot of narcissism in the world. The world is narcissistic and so it does not understand why we are in this chaotic state. Consensus says that it is better to take care of your needs first, even if it is a cost to the other.

A few selfless acts don’t get you out of your narcissism either. Narcissism has a hold on all of us. Narcissism is the ego. It is our Yetzer Hara that we are constantly fighting. It is the Satan that we have to fight who is ourselves. It is our human default to be narcissistic. It starts off from birth and the moment we open our eyes then the first thing we scream is, “Me, me, and more about me!!!”.

The Game of Life

We go through the process of growing up from infant to child to youth to teenager to young adult and then to adult. We are supposed to grow up out of our narcissism! Life is trying to teach us to love the other.

A lot of the new-age religions out there are teaching about oneness and how we are one with the divine. Many are starting to suggest that we are God but there is a fine line with that. If you believe that you are actually God, then you are narcissistic because you cannot be God. There is only one God and He is in all creation. Many ideals do not even give credit to God. To them, it seems, it is all about somehow achieving a high-level connection with the divine by just sitting in your living room and meditating about it. It is also encouraged to give them lots of money, subscribe to their channels, and honor them with lots of love, only positive comments, and praise…

Sure, we meditate because meditating is thinking. We should always be thinking about the stillness of God to recognize the perfection of God but God is not contained in only one of us. And not one of us has anything better than the other to teach the rest of us. Even if we are in complete darkness, we still can teach others a lot. Everything is teaching us all the same. There is no religion or discipline that is wiser or better because God is in all of us and we are all teaching each other about God from our own individual perspectives of who God is.

Cat Television?

I just turned on my television that is talking to my remote. I can now press a button on my remote and verbally tell my TV what I want to watch. I just put on a video for my cats but I also love to watch the nature video of birds flying around and eating birdseed that the cameraman left out for them. I had to sign into my computer that is connected to my phone. My music is connected to my speaker that is out in the kitchen that is also connected to my phone. Everything talks to one another and just like the people who created these things, these things are a clear example of the physical image that we are that is showing us that we are all interconnected.

To Love or Not to Love?

It is important that we love ourselves, but again, what does that mean? My world has always been very narcissistic so I always felt burdened by this world. By the time I was twenty-five, as you might know, I became suicidal. For me, living has always been a challenge. I felt that life has been too difficult for me.

I am odd, too, because I am attracted to the narcissist. It is my trama-bond that I am now aware of. I love to try to overcome the narcissist who is me! Because if you are aware of the narcissist then you know he is in you. I believe that the whole world is a narcissist, so that tells you how big of a narcissist I am, lol. But I don’t want to love the narcissist. I also don’t want to be a narcissist.

It isn’t like I thought to myself, I want to be an empath. No, this is not how it happens. The whole thing started when I almost died because my narcissistic self kept telling me that I am a victim, this life is too much for me, I can’t handle things, no one loves me, I hate this world, and on and on… it was my mind that was killing me! I had to make a choice to want life.

I had to choose to live and have been doing it ever since. Almost every day I fight these negative thoughts that constantly rear up. It is an awareness that we have to finely tune into and recognize about the self. The self hates you, ha ha! Sounds absurdly funny but there is a side to the self that does. I had to choose the other self. It was that other very quiet, oppressed self that said tinnie-tiny, hopeful things to me. That voice was almost impossible to hear!

That voice did not come from my dysfunctional environment. Well, it was there in tinnie, tiny, bits, and pieces but in amongst the opposite. In the opposite, there was a glimmer of hope that I saw. I recognized some goodness but at that time I didn’t even understand what good was. Was it good to be narcissistic? Should I just become more like it?

Knowledge is Power

That is when I learned to read, even though the world told me I was stupid, constantly failing me, and even verbally outright telling me that I was. They told me I could not communicate like everyone else, so eventually, I started believing them!!

The narcissist is very sneaky. According to the Bible, he is a snake, actually. He really is like a slithering snake and, so, very subtlely quiet. You may not even know he is there whilst he plans his next attack. You really have to be one step ahead of him to know that he is always there. You really have to know the opposite.

I picked up the Bible and I read it. I went to church but who on earth can understand religion? Religion is so confusing with all its hypocrisy and inconsistencies. Which religion is even right?

The bottom line is that we learn from experience. I talk a lot about the man and the woman and the Jew and the Gentile but I am not talking about a person who is here now in the physical. I am talking about the spirit. The spirit is divided in two. No one is better than the other because we are all one; here to help the other. The other is our helper and as much as my narcissistic self wants to deny that I need anyone, the hard truth is that we need each other — we are each other! It is not good for man to be alone and that is why God created a helper (Genesis 2:18).

Physicality and spirituality are here to become balanced. As much as we love our individual selves and want the highest pleasure to satisfy our own physical desires, we have to be aware of our interconnection with everyone else. The spiritual self is creation. If we do not see how we are also in creation then we do not see or appreciate God’s creation all around us. We become so selfish that we don’t even care about it and only can care that our individual self is physically satisfied.

So, loving the self is a double-edged sword. We love ourselves only in the reflection of the other. If the other’s needs are met then we have achieved the highest level of God and pleasure. That is the road we are on… The other is always the opposite of who we are — so who challenges us the most.

As we grow more into the likeness of our Creator, the easier life will get. The man, the woman, the Jew, the Gentile; we are all energy, masculine and feminine energy that is constantly moving in either tandem or resistance to one another. We have to start seeing what is good for each other to start seeing God in the other.

We love God with our whole heart and then we love the other as we would want to be loved back.

This is the great challenge — to become love.

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