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The Invitation

Last night I watched a movie on Prime called The Invitation. It was another vampire movie that I thought was done really well. My only complaint was that it ended too quickly and easily. I got out the popcorn and enjoyed a night in with a movie.

My Take

I see how this idea of vampirism has been popular over the years. We are very drawn to the allure of it all. The charming, handsome man who wins over his prey with a seductive, thirsty glance. She is drawn to his perfection of beauty, mystery, power, and riches. The thrill of the unknown, so captivating; she is invited to submit to the temptation of his charm.

Spoiler Alert

The movie is about a young, single, beautiful girl named Evie, who is down on her luck, struggling to make a living and a future for herself. She is completely alone, with no family. Her mother recently just passed. But when she learns about a distant cousin who is fascinated with her connection to the ancestral family tree she is invited to a wedding not knowing it will eventually become her own. She is black or you could say mixed, and he is very white.

The spiritual symmetry speaks to me with its mirror effect of darkness to light; is the darkness light or the light darkness?

The Plot Thickens…

She is dazzled by her cousin as he presents her with a first-class ticket and an expenses-paid trip to a beautiful, multi-storied, mansion far off in a distant land. She is given the choice to freely decide to come. When there, she meets the lord of the manner who is exceptionally charming, good-looking, and obviously dotes all his attention on her. Actually, everyone there love bombs her into a feeling of how important she is and mutually desired by the entire bunch.

Well, you will just have to see the movie for yourself if it seems I have captivated you thus far…

The whole thing that gives me a  bit of a chuckle is that the classic story Dracula is a very spiritual story that we continue to tell. We tell our stories with our imaginations that run free and wild with creative expression. We all are one, so we all speak to each other about the things of our heart, our love, and our understanding of how we understand the things we are understanding about ourselves. We watch and listen to each other because we all can relate. We are cryptic because we have to be. Who are we anyway?

We Are Married

Like in the movie, Evie had to accept the love of the lord. After she accepts his love they would be forever entwined in a powerful, intimate, affair whilst feeding off the lives of others by indulging in their rich, red, life-giving blood.

Flip this idea around, as if to look into a mirror, but this time, see Him in the reflection. We are married to the divine. He is inviting us; we have free will, so we must want Him. We choose to be with Him. We accept His invitation to a promise of power, riches, and ever-lasting life. We enter into a covenant, mutually agreed upon; a love that is like no other. It is the very best — it is true love. From here, we then dine with one another on the opulent wisdom that reveals the power of love created with Him who is now a part of who we are in one another. We birth the life-giving blood that flows from one to the other, pumping, wildly, through our veins, joining us all into the one thought that belongs to only Him.

He is magnificent and we love to relish in Him and with Him and with one another like a big, spiritual bath, a holy orgy of some sort that is only created by the willingness of us to defy ourselves and submit to who He is that connects us all to one another.

The Test

Do not be mistaken by the allure of darkness and then chose to be in darkness. Because the darkness can look like light but eventually reveals its ugly head that it is not. Once you are bitten you are trapped and don’t know how not to be oppressed by its seemingly powerful grip. It has convinced you of a false reality, of one that is consumed with only itself. It does not care about you except to take your life for itself, creating only death, taking the power out of you by overpowering it.

There is only one God and we are not Him. We choose to be in Him like the woman is in the man and like the man who comes out of that woman. We choose to be in our spirituality and not in our physicality. That is what is the most challenging for us humans to do. On earth, we are physicality first. Here on earth, we are darkness first but can choose to become His light. Our truth is spirituality, so we must choose to believe in Him first. We must want to be with Him. We must go against the grain of physicality and learn to love to become love to realize that there is nothing but love.

In truth, there is, was, and only will be Him.

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2 thoughts on “The Invitation”

  1. Shannie, now you have given me more ways to seduce a young vulnerable girl. Love your attention to the male mystique which is rarely heard of. So I learned a while back the less said at first to more alluring. I used to reveal to much and be overbearing, some women run from that. Women do ask a lot of questions on first date that but not “ are you thirsty for my blood” lol. Nice review. I’ll watch it.

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