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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

We are an image. God says that we are created in His image, but all this time, we have been trying to understand what that is. For the most part, by now, most of us have completely given up on the idea. We only see the chaos we created and are convinced that that is all there is. We see how everyone is doing evil things. We simply cannot comprehend how on earth we will ever get out of this mess that we are in.

Wherever light radiates, it does not find darkness. For light, darkness does not exist. Wherever darkness spreads, it does not find light. For darkness, light does not exist. In a time yet to come, the two shall meet and know one another in perfect union. At that nexus we will see the One who created all things. In the meantime, we glimpse a premonition of that wonder. For this is the human being: A breath of the divine within a material body; light and darkness face-to-face within a single being. — Maamar Gadol Yi’hyeh 5722

The Material Body

We are held captive by our own belief that is very small. We are so consumed by the belief in our physical reality that we do not even see our spiritual one. Our faith in the physical is only a futile one. We obviously think it is important because we protect it at all costs. We don’t want to die and we all want the greatest experience during our time here on earth. That is completely normal. We can only be who we were created to be and that is human.

The problem with the human is that he does not see that it was the divine who created him to be. All these things, the good and the bad, is who we are. If we are good that could have only come from our Creator because in our human nature, as a default, we all will choose to be selfish; protecting the individual self first, even when it is at a cost to the other.

We are Spirituality

Whatever we love we become. It really is all about our perspectives that define who we are. If we believe in our smaller existence as only being human, then that is only what we can be. But if we believe in the other, we believe that we are created in the image of God. Meaning we are physical but are created to be spiritual in our physicality.

It means we don’t define ourselves as being physical first but spiritual first. That means we believe in God.

God is Love

When we believe in the other we are taking a leap of faith that is scary because we are doing things that are out of our comfort zone. We are choosing to believe in God who is completely opposite to us.

When we believe in God, we are no longer oppressed by the physicality that we are. We become free beings who don’t need control because we know that God is in control.

All we have to do is allow Him to be.

Loving the other is who we are. When we are His image we move from our physicality because we love our spirituality. We become love.

We love being in love for the challenge, the thrill, and the rewarding feeling.

Our mirror image is not the same image as our physicality likes to think it is. Our mirror image means we are exactly the same image, yet, we are completely opposite.

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