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My NDE: Reborn Out of Darkness

Near-death experiences are the latest rage. Everyone is having one. Everyone is also either writing a book or talking about it on Youtube. Betty Eadie had an NDE and her story is fascinating. You can learn about it here. I also recommend visiting Anthony Chene’s channel if you want to hear more about these kinds of intriguing, mystical, miracles. Anita Moorjani also had an NDE. She died in palliative care after having a four-year battle with cancer and came back to life healed.

Dying Isn’t So Bad

Whether we like it or not, we all face death. The thing we have a hard time understanding is that death is an illusion. Death is here to teach us that darkness dies. We all are here experiencing death but we don’t believe that it is only a temporary discomfort. Death isn’t comfortable but it is here to teach us something about who we really are.

God has been trying to tell us that our physicality has no meaning except to teach through good and bad experiences. It takes a lifetime of experience to learn the difference. Every single one of us is a reflection of the larger whole who is all of us. We are all experiencing the same thing but are having a different experience.

Since the beginning of time, we all are robotically doing the same thing over and over again. We live and we die but is there more to our story?

The Near-Death Experience

We are not really dying. We are repeating. We are having a groundhog day experience until we get it right. We don’t see this so well, yet, but we are spiritually evolving. Every generation is here to teach the next. It may seem like we are not growing because our resistance to God’s truth is slowing us down.

Hitting Rock-Bottom

We are not able to get up until we fall down. On a whole, history has had its major failings and generations have done unthinkable things that we could never imagine happening in this generation. But do you see the one thing that is majorly different? Today, we are all experiencing good and bad together.

Even though, we have a hard time seeing how much one’s actions affect the other; today, we can see how it does. Today, we can see how we are experiencing all of life’s ups and downs together, globally. The end, or death, could never have happened until we were able to experience it together.

We are dying — Whether we like it or not death is here.

For the first time since the beginning of time, we are ONE and can see that we are. Even though we are experiencing the bad and doing bad to one another; what is important to note is how we; both Jews and non-Jews, black, white, and yellow, are all experiencing it together as globally we are exchanging the same information and experience — now we identify with each other the same.

Not a Physical Death

When we die, it means we die spiritually. We have to choose to die to our darkness by admitting that we don’t know. We have to be humbled to understand that in our own understanding we cannot survive — we die. We will ultimately destroy ourselves and even this beautiful planet without the guidance of God who created us.

When we choose to live for God, we understand that our human understanding will take us to death. We have to choose to live only for God to correct the mistakes of our past and be healed from them. When we choose God, we choose to be reborn the minute we make that choice. We can choose our NDE anytime we want and every single one of us has to accept this choice.

True, our NDE might not be as fantastic as Anita or Betty’s story but we all will identify with the miracle of God when we trust in choosing it. We all will see with new eyes the mystical wonders of the spiritual world and understand how we are wasting our time, dying physically when we don’t admit that there is one.


It is necessary to die to the old self that is attached to our physicality and become reborn spiritually. That means that every single choice you make, you make with God. When you love God, you will always make the right choice because that choice is always considerate of the other.

Choosing to love God means we choose to become love as God is unconditional love and we are His image.

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