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Checkmate: Game Over

The world is extremely unstable and volatile. The narcissist is exposed. The narcissist does not like to lose nor does he like to be exposed. His truths that we now know are lies are not fooling anyone anymore. As one final pièce de résistance in trying to save face, he rears his ugly head with a last-ditch, frantic, concluding roar.

You are not fooling anyone Satan!

We went from COVID to Third World War in a matter of seconds. COVID all of a sudden becomes no longer an issue as we are all now instructed to say hats-off to mask-wearing protocols. The slap in the face that Chris Rock received at the 2022 Oscars from the longtime, well-respected Will Smith is even bigger news now. Jada, the obvious victim, now slides in, with perfect timing, requesting a divorce. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are also at it again, as they are currently in court, head to head, publicly smearing each other with their most embarrassing, lowest life moments in Johnny’s $50m defamation lawsuit.


Do not be swallowed up in all the gossip of worldly events. The narcissistic world is trying to distract us from the real thing that is going on here. It is the only one thing that the world can all agree on — its belief that God is not real.

Religion vs Spirituality

The world is duality. Its current state is evil and narcissistic. The mentality is everyone for themselves. In a way, we are very lucky because it is easy to see the truth when there is nothing but a bunch of lies.

All the new age yogis, NDEs, Deloris Canons, Archangel Michaels, and Arcturian Councils don’t like me. They say I am too religious. Spirituality does not like religion and religion does not like spirituality.

The religious don’t like me either. I am too spiritual. Either I am hated because I love the Jew but am not Jewish or because I love the Jew but am not Gentile.

The Lie Exposed

The lie is that God is not duality. God is ONE and one with all things in opposition.

Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one!

Deuteronomy 6:4

God is not two. God is ONE. God is only love. The greatest commandment is: You shall love God (first) and then the other like you love God.

If you do not love the other then how can you say you are love? Somehow we have to get over our egos and learn to love the other. Spirituality and religion butt heads but that is the challenge. The challenge is to find common ground (Messiah). We need to find where the balance is between the two extremes. Too much of one or the other is not good — It becomes a narcissistic, toxic relationship that takes the other for granted, eventually ending up hating the other.

The challenge is to love what is equally opposite the same. The challenge is to see the complement — darkness reveals God’s light. When there is resistance that is where work needs to be done, not on the other but on ourselves.

The Jew

This is where people lose me — I realize how corrupt this world is because now I see how much everyone hates the Jew. All the people want to deny the existence of the Jew but why? Do you not see the evil here?

I realize the key to understanding God is through the experience of love. We experience love through opposition. When we do not understand what seems completely opposite to us then we are ignorant or in darkness about the truth. Our blessing is found by discovering the common ground — This is where God’s love is hiding.

Finding God is seeking Him

We find God in the other. The commonality within all of us is that we all identify with what unconditional love is. The only problem with the state of humanity today is that we don’t trust the other.

We are not here to trust the other.

We cannot trust ourselves. We have proven time and time again that at our core we are wicked people when left to our own devices — our animal self.

When we realize that we are not God, we see that we are only His image, so the best option is to completely surrender ourselves to Him in absolute trust. That is when everything else will make sense and align itself.

If we do not love the other (who is most not like us) then we cannot have any claim to being a person who loves God. Love is an action that all need to learn individually to be able to overcome the grip of a world that hates God.

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