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We Are Not Evil

There is a misconception that we continue to believe that people are evil. But the truth is that all people were created by God. God is only good. So, God did not create evil; humanity created evil and humans believe they are bad.

God created humans in His image. God is only good; therefore, every human is good even when they are doing bad. The big lie of the world and to ourselves is believing that we are evil. If we tell ourselves that we are bad then we cannot believe the truth that we are good.

How can we do good if we believe we are bad?

We should never judge ourselves or others as a “bad person” because no one is a bad person. Instead, good people do bad things. People only do bad things because they believe they are a bad person. The world then reinforces their belief by calling them evil.

People do evil because of the dysfunctional world we live in and because of our ego. When people do not believe in good, they do not believe that God is good, therefore, they also believe that they are not good.

I have a fascination with why we choose evil.

People who choose evil have a lot of pain. The world typically reacts very negatively towards evil acts. We are very critical of the act and the people who perform them not understanding why they do. We definitely need to communicate strict boundaries with people who are doing bad things but we never should think we are better. People who do evil do not know love. If we know love then we need to have more love and compassion toward people who do evil.

The Story of Beth Thomas

This story is about evil on an extreme level. I like examples that are extreme because it is much more obvious to see the lesson that needs to be understood. All our unhealthy perceptions of the way the world continues to understand good and evil need to be unlearned.

This particular study became widely known in the 1990s after it was televised as a documentary called, Child of Rage. In the case study, Beth Thomas, a six-year-old girl, was studied by Dr. Ken Magid, a clinical psychologist, and was later treated by Connell Watkins, an educated therapist.

In an interview with Dr. Magid, Beth openly confessed to sticking pins into her brother and her pets, stealing sharp knives from the kitchen, sneaking into her brother’s room at night to punch him in the stomach, killing baby birds, and many other alarming behaviors. Beth calmly and without emotion explained to Dr. Magid that she desired to inflict pain on her family members and her pets because she wanted to kill them. 

Beth and her brother were taken out of an extremely abusive home where she was being raised by her cruel and abusive father. As a result of her unloving abusive environment, Beth developed psychopathic behaviors and carried out cold-blooded desires without empathy or the ability to recognize that her behaviour was wrong. Beth was diagnosed with psychopathy and reactive detachment disorder (RAD).

Here is the chilling interview. The beginning part is disturbing to watch.

Towards the end of the video, we see a new Beth who responded well to Connell Watkin’s therapy program. The interviewer now asked Beth, “Do you know where that anger came from?” Beth replies, “Because of my birth Dad, I had it all inside of me. It made me want to hurt people really bad.” Beth starts to break down as she explains she used to hurt her brother the most. She then explains that hurting her brother, hurt herself the most.

But when I hurt other people I am hurting my good self the most.

That is when Beth completely breaks down sobbing, realizing the pain she was in.

Through intensive therapy and strict boundaries, Beth began to understand what love is; developing self-esteem, and believing the truth about herself that she is good. Through the love of Beth’s adoptive parents and further therapy, Beth was able to understand emotions and sympathy. Beth’s lifestyle was transformed and is now a wonderful miracle.

This is Beth Thomas today. Beth works as a nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and has co-authored books also receiving many awards for her accomplishments.

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