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Heaven on Earth: Have You Ascended, Yet?

Man was created on the sixth day, but we are still being created. Man is still waiting to understand himself. It is still the sixth day, but it is now near the end of that day.

I Saw the Sign

And it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign…

We know this because of the signs. One sign is that the whole Earth will be filled with knowledge. This is true, but the knowledge we have is very disorganized as the world is in a chaotic state not knowing up from down or choosing right from wrong. We do not understand why it is important that we should be carefully monitoring our actions that reflect our choices.

God gives us free choice.

In the beginning, the serpent said to Adam and Eve that it would be okay to eat of the tree of good and evil (knowledge) since then we would know all things like God and be like God — even though the serpent represents darkness, what the serpent said is true. We are meant to know good and evil because God wants us to make our own FREE choice of what we want to love.

Two become ONE

Alluded in my last post Keter: Receiving the Crown of Life is that there are two holidays that complement one another. First, there is Shavuot, which is the day the Hebrews received the Torah and Israel became a nation, they became the people that God spoke to and revealed Himself to by giving them, basically, a marriage contract.

Then, fast forward to the future. Jesus comes along and loves the Gentiles. What, love a Gentile!?! Yup, he did, and he sat with sinners and all those who had been considered rejected from receiving the love of God.

Jesus came like an image of the Passover, the 40 days, and then receiving the Torah, but this time, after the 40 days, Jesus ascended into heaven, promising that he would return again.

The Message of Messiah

It is us who never understood the message. So we have remained in the dark all this time until now. Now, the message is becoming clearer. The promise of return is now since we finally understand it.

Well, we Gentiles believe that the Spirit of Messiah, gave us access to have a relationship with our Creator, God.

We are included in the promised land, too, making it both Jews and Gentiles that complete the nation of Israel.

So, this Spirit is around all of us, and also not just for the Christians who describe that the ascension is only for them.

When heaven is on Earth we understand how to tap into the Spirit of Messiah. This is like knowing we have radio waves all around us that we don’t see are there. Unless I grab my radio and tune into a station, I will not be able to hear any music.

Ascension is like tuning in to your favourite radio station. The Spirit of Messiah is all around us but we have to learn how to fine-tune ourselves to be able to have an undisruptive channel to understand the love of God.

Please also see All We Hear is Radio Ga Ga, which is a post I created that talks about this idea more.

At the end of the day, all opposition in the world understands the other. Through God’s divine love, He created a way for us sinners to have divine communication with 100% holiness. The curse of sin from the beginning in the garden is broken. We are able to overcome our challenges by believing in God’s divine love. We shift from darkness to light, from bad to good, and from physical to spiritual.

We ascend into the other! We become in tune with our higher self.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart

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