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The Perfect Place

If time were just a moment would we already be there?
If sin did not enter could we even say a prayer?
If choices were chosen how would we even learn?
If life didn't challenge who is it we would discern?
If we didn't persevere then who would we really be?
If we were not pure in heart how could we truly see?
If we didn't ask then how would we receive?
How could we even know if we didn't even believe?
If we didn't knock then who holds the key?
If we know the truth then are we not set free?

I am here and you are there supported by a vine.
Together we grow simultaneously divided here in time.
Understanding our true selves as revealed to us by will.
Soon to find refuge in a field with water so very still.
Where finally we can look upon God's glorious face.
As we find each other there at that meeting place.


Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

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