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Me, Myself, and God

Who is God? 
What is God? 
Where is God? 
These are the questions I ask myself. 
Will I ever find the answer? 
Can I ever find the answer?

There are always questions,
To keep one always seeking and learning. 
We are always in learning. 
If there were no questions,
We would know everything, 
Or nothing. 
I am learning about God in me, 
God created me,
But what does that mean? 
I am not robotic ~
I am me. 
I am my own,
But I am not my own,
God created me.
I am a piece,
A piece of God is in me. 
Greatness wants to reveal Himself,
To me!
Learn about what is perfect,
Identify with the perfect in me,
Discover who I am.

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Photo by Dhyamis Kleber from Pexels

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