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Biological Tyranny: Know How Your Body Directs You

With opinions, be conciliatory if you wish, but it’s fine to be firm about facts. Remember, reality is ruthless. People do need to eat and our nature is to get as much to eat as possible with the least amount of effort. Some call that efficiency and the most efficient way of getting food is by interacting with many others using the miracle of money. Are there any really hungry people anymore? In today’s modern world, do parents still need children to help them in their old age? Is getting married a private decision? Do older people still live off younger people’s work? Is the decision of whether to create a child purely personal? What happens to you if many in your town stop reproducing? Can immigrants replace the people not being born? Are childless retirees living off other people who did raise families? What government can do about declining population. — Rabbi Daniel Lapin

In response to Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s message titled, “Biological Tyranny: Know How Your Body Directs You

I have had a thought on my brain for some time now about what the restoration of the world will look like. I feel that mankind may not be wanting to have children, which is what we are currently seeing, but if mankind stops having children then we would go extinct, right?

Yet, more and more people are deciding not to have children, and are even happy to have pets instead to take the place of children. There are examples of unique relationships with animals that were never seen before. A much greater respect for animals is also being realized, which is also another thing that I understand must happen for the restoration of the world since in Adam and Eve’s time everyone including the animals were at peace with one another.

It seems that the corruptness of the world is inspiring people to do things that are right to do for the world – NATURALLY. We are not forcing anything by jamming religion down peoples throats like we had in the past.

In the beginning, there was only a man and a woman who are the reflection of God in their identity together. It is as if they exploded and populated the world and we each evolved from them each are a unique piece of them. Then they would be our parents.

Therefore, wouldn’t everything in the end go back to how it was in the beginning? As we look back we can see how things were in the beginning. Adam and Eve were raised together from being a brother and sister and they fell in love. It was the sixth day and God said to them go and populate the world — which was important because that is how humanity would learn the difference between good and bad. We had to have children to populate the world.

If it is still the sixth day, then are we not supposed to have children until we are married to God? True marriage is on the Sabbath, the seventh day, when we are together with God, knowing all things like God does (both good and bad) as it was in the garden.

In the end, this is how it is for us — We now know the difference between good and bad so why would there be a reason to reproduce?

That means, the goal has changed to now correct and restore the world and go back to how it was in the beginning. I think it is okay that we are now going to have fewer children. The commandment was to go and populate the earth, but this commandment is a bit sneaky since the wedding day isn’t until the Sabbath Day, the seventh day. All other days are man’s days – it is still the sixth day since we are still learning who God truly is, which is knowing the difference between good and bad. We are still waiting for that wedding day with God.

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