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Be Who You Are

Know Love

Thank God that there is a way — When humanity sinned, it wasn’t game-over! God created a way for us to still understand love. We can know God’s love since we were all created in His image; therefore, God’s love is an inherited gift that we all just have to find within ourselves. God’s love is there in each one of us who seeks to find the love. This means the love is for every human being, every religious group and for every faith; both Jews and Gentiles.

God Versus Religion

I don’t believe that believing in God means converting to a religion. I actually think that groups that try to convert people to their religion are not allowing people to express who they truly are. We all need to embrace the uniqueness of our journeys. God gave our spiritual journeys to us specifically for a reason. I encourage people to learn who they truly are, in whatever faith they are in, and to be comfortable in their own skin. Learning who God is, is learning our true identity.

My personal journey and belief comes from my faith in history and in the ancient wisdom of the Bible. I enjoy all different points of views from all faiths, but mostly my journey has been identifying with both Christian and Jewish perspectives. I have faith understanding that we are all spiritual beings and that there is a good God. My personal journey tells me that 100% goodness exists.

I encourage people to be who they are. When we seek to understand who God is; then we will know who we truly are, which is a piece of God’s truth. WE ARE ALL A PIECE OF GOD’S TRUTH. Religion is just a bunch of separate identities trying to understand who God is. Let us gather around together and learn who we are.

If you are Jewish than be Jewish! If you are a Gentile than be a Gentile. Both groups hold a piece of the puzzle of God to reveal a whole truth of who God is. There is an ongoing oppressive mentality out there that we need to make everyone have the same thought instead of seeing how we each compliment one another.


Both the Father and the Son preach the golden rule of love — Love God; love one another. In other words, know what is good, so that you can treat people the way you would want to be treated — that is what Jesus said, and that is what the Father said. The argument isn’t to know religion or know who Messiah is, that doesn’t matter because that is to be revealed when we know what is love.

We Cannot Manipulate Truth

None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one. Romans 3:10-12

We are all guilty of ignorance. We all need to learn to accept one another’s differences and instead ask “What can I learn from you?”

Truth cannot be manipulated. God’s truth is pure and it will find a way to be pure. We have to learn to see the beauty in diversity because each of us are uniquely special. God designed each one of us to have our own journey that is special for each one. We each hold a piece of His truth. We each have something unique to teach one each other.

Let’s all be friends and enjoy how we complement one another.

We are One and eventually we will learn to appreciate and accept one another in our differences. Trust that God will bring balance in our diversity.

Do Not Judge

We need to stop judging one another because we are all equally a part of God. What I know is not any better than what you do. You have something to teach me as I have something to teach you. The only person we should be judging is ourselves; we should always be wanting to be better people who seek truth about who God is.

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