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In The Beginning was Darkness

It is my deepest passion to encourage people because I strongly feel that we are currently at a very good time in life where good things are going to happen quite quickly, but humanity has to believe in the power that we each have within us. 

I have come to this conclusion due to of a couple of reasons: Firstly, I am a very open person and I value the way we all see things. I have always felt that we are all a piece of the pie, it is just a matter of figuring out what kind of pie that is (so to speak). We can’t quite see the whole pie yet because we still think we are just a piece, independent of the whole pie.

Secondly, my life depended on me finding truth because it meant my happiness — it gave me purpose to live. I know darkness, it has been a part of my life for a long time, but the reflection to darkness is light. I hit rock bottom. I know what my worst feels like, which I am sure many can also relate. The world’s history is an accumulation of tragedy, disaster, and downfalls on an immense scale. It is possible that this era is at its worst and has declined to its lowest. This consequently makes me consider that the world has also hit its rock bottom — but things never improve until we hit rock bottom. For when we do recover, we achieve value for our lives and appreciate who we are. The darkness is there to teach — it makes us stronger and wiser. Therefore, I personally believe the world has also hit rock bottom. The world has been in darkness for a long time, but there is a strength coming that the darkness will have no power against.

I see this world coming out of rock bottom and is about to know what is light. I see that all things are in a reflection, eg. physical vs spiritual, darkness verses light, man versus woman…

I also believe we are still currently in the sixth day of history since we are still trying to know the difference between good and evil as it was promised to us by the serpent in the garden. We are at a time where we can look back at our history and we can learn from it. Our history, mostly being the dark, so far, will start to understand what is not good for humanity anymore and will start to make better choices about what is good because it knows better now. The world is also learning how to work together as one. Because of advanced technology like the internet, there are a lot of amazing things happening. 

As well, I see, humanity is like Adam and Eve, and they are like the two trees. Adam to me is life and Eve is like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Woman have always been oppressed and as it has always been for women and situations that have been in oppression, we are now becoming equals. It is also the time for the world not to be oppressed anymore; therefore, bringing more light and understanding to the world.

The struggle and relationship of Adam and Eve, man and woman, has been a struggle of two different identities trying to understand one another and to be ONE in their differences over a history of time (the sixth day) — I believe it is now that we are finally seeing the compliment of a man and woman and in their compliment they have found true love and are now two identities that come together to be ONE whole, which reveals the image of God. We are able to see a clearer image of God because our identities are becoming more balanced.

So again, about the compliment; now it is at the end of the history of the six day, here we are (all of humanity) still like the identity of a man and woman, but now we are fragments of these two identities spread all around the world; therefore, the struggle is deeper in trying to find our compliment. Amongst all of all the compliments that God made, the two final compliments that remain are the compliment between the Jew and the Gentile. The struggles between Jew and Gentile have been very similar to the struggle of the man and woman’s throughout history. I see, that it is in this time that we will begin to see our compliment and know a deep profound love in the same way as the man and woman. We will see how the Jew and Gentile also complement one another, and in the balance of their compliment, the image of God is revealed. Things will return back to how it was like in the beginning of time, although, this time humanity knows what God knows, which is both good and evil.

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