The King is in the Field

Love flows from our heart when we are in love. When we are in love, we make things happen. We will go to whatever lengths needed to secure our love. We achieve the impossible through a passion that is doing for love.

Male and Female are ONE

We are so focused on our physicality but male and female energy are ONE. Whether we are male or female, it does not matter. We both are female energy, first, until we choose to become masculine energy. Masculine energy is unconditional love; it is divine because love comes from Him. If we become His image, it is because we have become unconditional love. The feminine is all of humanity, which is physicality. She is exiled from her lover who is in Heaven, the spiritual realm, until she brings Him here on Earth by becoming Him. She can choose to receive His love and then give it. Male or female is feminine energy, first, until it becomes masculine by becoming love and unconditionally loving the other.

No female or male soul is a complete human soul without the other. Male and female are halves of the same whole. What affects one, therefore, affects the other. This becomes most clear when it comes time for joining.

The Zohar

He is our Husband

He is spiritual. We are physical. We are the paths, the journeys, that got us to this place. First, we had to travel through a desert. We have been searching for food and water as we seek out our perfect place. Our path is physical — It is the brain. First, we become one heart that loves the other, then we become one brain that is ONE soul.

We are a devoted wife, first, and then we become a mother. We birth His light into a world that is still in darkness. We birth light by seeing Him in the other — We see Him in our image.

The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

I am My Beloved

In every way possible we are completely devoted to Him. We are in love. When we love Him, we are in love with the spirit of the Jew. The whole world cannot see Him until they see Him in our image. That is when the world will be transformed because that is when we are able to overcome our Yetzer Hara (the inclination to do evil).

The curse becomes a blessing.

We reveal Him by being in love with the other. He is not defined intellectually. He is defined through our heart that sees Him by becoming free from our paths that got us here. That is when we learn love, to become love by loving each other — We see Him. We see Him in our image. See Him because that is why He is here. We see Him in each other.

Love is what we create together.

Everything comes from Him.

When we are in love, first, then we know.

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