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The Biggest Secret of All Time

I believe blindness is our inherited curse. Does human-kind question its reason and purpose?  Are we trying to understand more?  Should we not seek farther, harder, and deeper for a more profound truth or are we all just on a marry-go-round of disaster?

History: I believe history tells a secret that is hard to find since the secret is also in a miracle that is hard to believe.

Those that have endured persecution to no end from beginning of time, why? A minority, yet, amazingly, have never let go of the Word their God gave them. They are the people God chose? They are the keepers of the history of God? Hope is not lost when it is found.

I am not Jewish.

Christianity: A religion that believes a Jewish man has come to save the world, but does not identify with the Jewish person Jesus was creating a new Jesus; a Jesus that is not Jewish.

Religion: An organization with its own interpretation of who God is.

The voice: No longer is man-kind oppressed by religion. We can now FREELY discuss the truths that history has revealed to us, allowing each to explore our TRUE identity in the identity of who God created us to be. We all carry a piece of TRUTH to explore inside of us and can reveal it to each one of us FREELY.

Are we going to continue to trust the confinement of a single religion or learn from all religion and history?  What is truer; a part of history or all of it?  A part of God or all of God? 

We are at a different time in history, very unlike the oppressive times of our past. History is there for us to understand God, truth and perfect love.  

Jesus is my Messiah. His hand held my hand to reveal God to me. He brought me to the Jews, who look a lot like him. Could he really be the final player to include every thought of God from the beginning to the very end?  Does he not share the voice of all the great leaders from Abraham, Isaac, to Jacob, and supporting every word of Moses?

Jesus taught me love; he is my discovered truth, anyway…

The beginning and the end is the performance of loving kindness.  Talmud: Sotah14a

We are in a time of advantage since we have history and we have FREEDOM. Be grateful for this time and for them who teach history right. They are the keepers of time and have kept truth for us to find.

Be Who You Are

We each hold a piece of God within us for each one of us. We can judge history, learn from it and judge ourselves to know how to live out the remainder of our lives holding truth in our right hand and love in the other — Shannie Alvarez


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Secret of All Time”

  1. The fact is the Bible never says there is any inherited curse. But, what it does say is that death passed to all men and that this could not be a curse because the sin that ended in death was not imputed to anyone.Rom.5:12,13. Speaking the truth in love.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Love it, and it challenges me to make sure I know where I am going with what I imply. I am just saying that we are doomed for death if we don’t seek out truth.


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