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A Light Unto The Nations

Talk is cheap. We talk and talk but what does it matter? Words are only words unless they create an action. There is a lot of information out there. Spiritualists from every language are coming out of the woodwork. Forget Christianity because now there's kundalini, kabbalah, gematria, qigong, alchemy, and prana. Spirituality is now a… Continue reading A Light Unto The Nations

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The Healing Journey: Living in 5D

We are the remnant. We are the ones who see. We see because we know. We know that we are not duality because we have become one. All of our mistakes have been our undoing that has created this chaotic existence here on earth. We all created them. Because we created them, we all suffer… Continue reading The Healing Journey: Living in 5D

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The Third Eye: Quantum Perception

We had to have started somewhere, so we know we were Adam. We were only ONE in one body. In that perfected state we were heaven on earth, in a sense, but we had no way of knowing how to understand what "heaven" is. We needed an opportunity to understand what heaven feels like. We… Continue reading The Third Eye: Quantum Perception