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Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking…. Into the Future

We have inherited time because of sin. The longer it takes to learn, the longer the darkness will exist. Darkness is the first half of time and light is the other. This time, can be compared to a day. God created man on the sixth day, and it takes him a history of time to… Continue reading Time Keeps on Ticking, Ticking…. Into the Future

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Our Divine Purpose: Who Are We?

Life is a journey to finding your true self that reveals a love story. The message of God is best summed up through the words, “love God and love your neighbour.” We learn to love ourselves by understanding love, which is God and that is how we truly know how to love one another. The… Continue reading Our Divine Purpose: Who Are We?

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Porn, Seduction, Sex Sells, OY VEY!

To understand our spiritual selves better we need to understand that all the things that we do are a reflection of where our mind is at. What we desire is in our heart and what we do is our brain putting what is in our heart into action. Who is God? We are not God… Continue reading Porn, Seduction, Sex Sells, OY VEY!

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What Are You Worth?

Who are you REALLY? God is unbelievable! Because He is so unbelievable, just how do we believe in Him? If God created us, doesn't understanding ourselves depend on understanding who God is? How are we supposed to be? We remember stories from the Bible such as a talking burning bush, Moses splitting the Red Sea,… Continue reading What Are You Worth?

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Let’s Not Talk religion!

How about instead, we talk about the universal language of love? You can't interpret religion anymore. It isn't consistent, it's been hypocritical, and its caused wars. God does not want us to be independent of one another. God wants us to work with one another. When He said He is One, he meant all of… Continue reading Let’s Not Talk religion!

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Create a god in your own image cause your upbringing told you so?

During this time at Passover, God commanded the Israelites to take a lamb for their home to be slaughtered after four days of living with it. This was done on the Sabbath just before Passover began, five days before the Israelite Exodus. The lamb was considered to be sacred, worshiped by the Egyptians, so Moses… Continue reading Create a god in your own image cause your upbringing told you so?