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What A Tangled Web We Weave

We cannot be attached to our physicality. Somehow we have to start seeing ourselves from our spirituality. The mind is physical first; dominant, as we develop ourselves spiritually, which takes a lifetime. A lifetime is not only since our birth of who we are today but also since the birth of where we all began.… Continue reading What A Tangled Web We Weave

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Who is Better, the Man or the Woman?

You and I have been on this journey since, oh, the Garden of Eden. Way back when we thought everything was so perfect and easy. There was just you and me. We had no distractions. Playful innocence is all we knew. We were only children... How great would it be to go back to then?… Continue reading Who is Better, the Man or the Woman?

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A Light Unto The Nations

Talk is cheap. We talk and talk but what does it matter? Words are only words unless they create an action. There is a lot of information out there. Spiritualists from every language are coming out of the woodwork. Forget Christianity because now there's kundalini, kabbalah, gematria, qigong, alchemy, and prana. Spirituality is now a… Continue reading A Light Unto The Nations

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She is a Lover, a Mother, and a Bride

The worst thing about COVID is the isolation. I am used to being isolated, but this is over the top. I have not seen anyone for a week and I am getting tired of sitting around the house. I have no groceries and I am missing interactions with the world. My creative spark is fading.… Continue reading She is a Lover, a Mother, and a Bride

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When a Man Loves a Woman

About two years ago I was on a train going from Barcelona to Asturias, Spain. Looking back now seems surreal even though it was really not that long ago. I was traveling alone as usual. A meaningful conversation was struck with a man who sat close by. We both enjoyed each other's company that passed… Continue reading When a Man Loves a Woman

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What About the Man?

Here on Earth, we are the opposite. God is spiritual. Man is physical. God created man in His image so now between them is another opposite. Man is physical and she is spiritual. We learn to understand the other and become the other in all of the love relationships that are opposite and in opposition.… Continue reading What About the Man?