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50 Shades of Divinity

He knew he had her attention. Sensing him, so close, she could hear his heart beating, speeding up with more intensity; the pulsing, throbbing through his dark skin, so close and so soft. His mouth, so perfect; a single inhale united them in a hypnotic gaze. Her finger, compelled, reached up and faintly traced along… Continue reading 50 Shades of Divinity

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The Secret

Since the beginning of time, the world has inadvertently hid a big secret. Everything must become balanced but to learn balance we have to learn what opposition is. We are creators. Since the beginning of time, we have been creating darkness. In our attempt to learn who we are, in our ignorance, we created from… Continue reading The Secret

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I Could be Queen of all I See…

If you’re standing next to me. Everything is all in one, one and the same... eventually.  I was originally going to call my book I Am One because that is how I feel. I am one with God. However, I realized that I am actually not one because only God is one. Only God is complete… Continue reading I Could be Queen of all I See…

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Eshet Chayil: The Woman of Valor

Who is Eve? The Babylon system! I hear the Jews talking a lot about that right now, stating that soon we will all be speaking the same language, which I concur -- it's the language of love. I believe there are many ways we learn but ultimately everything is all one and the same. I… Continue reading Eshet Chayil: The Woman of Valor

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When I Was Just A Little Girl…

I am realizing that I am awakening. All this time, I have been taking you on that journey with me. I thought I was awake yesterday but today I am more awake, so being awake isn't just being awake, it is ongoing and continues to deepen as we trust in ourselves more. We are a… Continue reading When I Was Just A Little Girl…

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You Don’t Know Me From Adam

Awareness is learning that our human experience is actually a spiritual one. We fail to see out of our physicality to understand that we are connected to a higher source of energy that is pure love. We are all a part of consciousness that unites all of us but we have been asleep. Freedom is… Continue reading You Don’t Know Me From Adam

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Groundhog Day: Will We Finally Flip Our Switch?

As we begin a new year according to the Hebrew calendar we also can ponder the idea that reminds us that creation is born. Do we realize we are pregnant? The world continues to spiral out of control as the chaos continues. Things are quiet and just when we think all is well, we begin… Continue reading Groundhog Day: Will We Finally Flip Our Switch?