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Month of Nisan: Will 2020 be a Year of Perfect Vision?

As I continue to learn about my Jewish counterpart I am learning about how we are entering a new Jewish year with the first of the month being the month of Nisan. There are a couple of neat things happening in the month of Nisan. It is debated that Jesus was actually born in this… Continue reading Month of Nisan: Will 2020 be a Year of Perfect Vision?

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In My Nakedness

All our sins have forsaken us,Yet, I am before you in my nakedness.With nothing left for me to hide,Since the depths of hell stole all my pride.Until now, a time and a half has passed,While all along I've remained an outcast.But in this hour there is one thing I'll say,About why I think it has… Continue reading In My Nakedness

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Just a Girl

I am just a girl. I live in a dream world where I believe all things are beautiful; the movies don't compare. I believe there was a beginning -- in it was a perfect love story about a relationship that is true and eternal. I’m just a girl, Who falls in love with a boy.… Continue reading Just a Girl

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Wasted Pearls

The inward cry revealed a lesson to learn, Her vulnerable heart sought out to discern. Time left abandoned, squandered away, The healthy giver had only good things to say. Yet cruel intentions betrayed her unaware heart, That remnant of deception loitered from the start. Committed devotion now lifeless and astray, Trampled by the feet where… Continue reading Wasted Pearls