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A distorted reality wanted to play, Since a worldly mentality had stolen me away. In my misery of misunderstood shame, I became overwhelmed with all the pain. And life took advantage of that sweet scent of vulnerability, Capturing me in confusion without any pity, Like cheap perfume it lingered around, Trying hard to hide Truth… Continue reading Life

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A Conversation About Food with a Jew

Food is unity. Food brings people around a table. Food tells people it is time to stop, commune, learn, and acknowledge one another. Food is enjoying the moment with others while taking a rest from all the hard work that we have done. Food is multicultural. Different food from different ethnic groups can be sought… Continue reading A Conversation About Food with a Jew

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The Broken Hallelujah

You may be frustrated with life because you want to do the right thing, but it seems that the world does not care or that it is always out to get you. You try to understand love as you feel it in your soul, but you are having a hard time to connect or see… Continue reading The Broken Hallelujah

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We Are One is going through the final design stage. It has all come together, both very slowly and very fast. I started writing this book over twenty years ago, not realizing that it would all come together in a book with a relevant point that everyone can relate to. This year has been a… Continue reading THE STORY BEHIND WE ARE ONE

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Physical Versus Spiritual

We are very connected to our physical selves. We know we are real because we can see that we are real. We can feel, touch and smell. I know my hands are real, my feet are real -- I have a head and I have hair. All these things are real, right? Well, I am… Continue reading Physical Versus Spiritual

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Is Real In My Heart

The Spiritual Compliments The Physical Our DNA is unique to each one of us. Not one other person will have the same DNA. DNA is a physical genetic code that defines who we are. Just as we are all unique physical beings, not one of us has the same unique journey that developed our spiritual… Continue reading Is Real In My Heart

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Rainbow of Colours

Our Spiritual Eye We see with our physical eyes, physical things, but our journeys teach us perception. When we are born, we are blind -- With time we learn the difference between good and bad... . Rainbow of Colours Here we are all a spectrum of light making up a rainbow, A full circle rainbow… Continue reading Rainbow of Colours

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A Mustard Seed of Faith

Like a seed, Deep in the dark ground, That finds nourishment from its surroundings, Emerges from the darkness as it seeks out the light. We are like that seed born into darkness, We come alive when we find the light. Our journeys nourish us andĀ give us strength, We grow as we learn what is good… Continue reading A Mustard Seed of Faith

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The Storm

An uproar of madness, Loitered sadness, Emotions confining, Confusion defining, Paralyzing fear. A wasted thought, Happens a lot, Nothing but time, Pretending I'm fine, Out of control. Heart ache abode, Manic episode, Hating the feeling, Nothing's appealing, Giving up now. On my knees, Begging God please, Waiting to end, These scars please mend, Is there… Continue reading The Storm