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I’m Going to Wash that Ego Right Out of my Head…

We are in a time of change. We are ready to change because for the first time in history we understand what I do affects what you do. We need to survive. Man Versus Machine We know that we need to work together, but we are also tired of working against each other. We are… Continue reading I’m Going to Wash that Ego Right Out of my Head…

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I Have a Dream!

I had everything I wanted... Driven by hope. We are not God. We are the enemy to ourselves when we allow our egos to be in control. I have a dream, for a better world where God is in control... Remember that simple wish when you were a child? World peace! Admit it, we all… Continue reading I Have a Dream!

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Like a True Nature’s Child, We Were Born to be Wild

Naturally, we behave like animals. An animal lacks conviction to choose good over evil since animals don't understand the difference. We are not good, naturally. Since it is in our nature to do whatever it is our ego tells us, we are prone to make choices that suit our selfish desires instead of thinking about… Continue reading Like a True Nature’s Child, We Were Born to be Wild

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The End of the World is Now

The best new releases buzz of end times apocalyptic interpretations. Scenes of people thriving in a zombie wasteland while dodging the toxic effects of a world war and fight to have basic essentials met are among the most sought after big-screen thrillers. Since the beginning of time God has had a plan. The plot thickens… Continue reading The End of the World is Now

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The Two Trees

The Bible is a combination of literal and figurative language. While being documented historical fact, it is also beautifully poetically written at the same time. God made a garden and in that garden He placed two trees. One tree is the tree of life while the other is the tree of knowledge of good and… Continue reading The Two Trees

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The COVID-19 Struggle

You can't get up until you've fallen down. When we overcome struggle that is when we learn something about ourselves. We might hate it when we are going through struggle and ask God, "Why are you being so cruel to me??" but struggle is necessary since in the struggle there is something to be revealed… Continue reading The COVID-19 Struggle

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Let’s Not Talk religion!

How about instead, we talk about the universal language of love? You can't interpret religion anymore. It isn't consistent, it's been hypocritical, and its caused wars. God does not want us to be independent of one another. God wants us to work with one another. When He said He is One, he meant all of… Continue reading Let’s Not Talk religion!