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We Are Divine, He is Romantic

Here I am, a Gentile. I am an outcast. I am the nations. What do I know? It all started a long time ago. There we were, in that garden, you and me. Everything was just perfect. But we just had to know what it all was about. We wanted to have more. We wanted… Continue reading We Are Divine, He is Romantic

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[VLOG] Me, Myself, and Him

Everything I want He gives me. He loves me, and that is all He knows to do. Whatever I want He wants to give to me. I just ask Him and then He gives it to me. All He wants from me is my attention. He wants me to love Him back. He wants me… Continue reading [VLOG] Me, Myself, and Him

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The Queen’s Gambit

The female side of the brain is submissive to the male side of the brain. The male side of the brain is the God-head. The God-head loves the female-self, but when we are acting without God then we are acting in ego. The male-self is dominant and he makes the choices. The female-self is intuition… Continue reading The Queen’s Gambit

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We are Defined by the Reflection of Whom God Made Us

I am writing this letter to the man; As I try to find myself, I realize that there is no end to God's deep, divine love. I am understanding the many deep layers of who I am, as a woman and as a Gentile.  As you are familiar with my story, I lost myself, but… Continue reading We are Defined by the Reflection of Whom God Made Us

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A Journey Through History; Learning From the Bad

I was listening to a message from Rabbi David Aaron about what the difference is between being holy and being spiritual. I liked his perspective. He explains that being holy is being whole-ly. To be whole we have to find a balance between the spiritual and the physical. It is about finding the complement between… Continue reading A Journey Through History; Learning From the Bad

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I’m Going to Wash that Ego Right Out of my Head…

We are in a time of change. We are ready to change because for the first time in history we understand what I do affects what you do. We need to survive. Man Versus Machine We know that we need to work together, but we are also tired of working against each other. We are… Continue reading I’m Going to Wash that Ego Right Out of my Head…

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I Have a Dream!

I had everything I wanted... Driven by hope. We are not God. We are the enemy to ourselves when we allow our egos to be in control. I have a dream, for a better world where God is in control... Remember that simple wish when you were a child? World peace! Admit it, we all… Continue reading I Have a Dream!