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You Can Do Anything When You Do It For Love!

We live in a world of duality. For me, the extreme is obvious. It has been my insanity and sanity. There is no one that is completely bad and no one that is completely good. There is only becoming... We strive to know what is good, but what is good? Your version of good might… Continue reading You Can Do Anything When You Do It For Love!

Encourgement, Faith

They’ll Be Calling Us Royalty

There is no power without the power of love. We humans can be very intelligent but also very dumb. We have had many accomplishments that who would have thought we'd achieve? Just look at where humanity has evolved to. It is both amazing and very sad. Just imagine the world we could have had if… Continue reading They’ll Be Calling Us Royalty


The Road Less Traveled

Moses was born in Egypt at a time when the Israelites were slaves. Pharaoh wanted to drown all the firstborn Hebrew children because he feared one of them becoming a leader that would take the Israelites out of Egypt. At three months old, Moses was placed in a basket by his mother as she set… Continue reading The Road Less Traveled