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I Like That Your Broken, Broken Like Me…

Ego is our worst enemy because it does not allow us to connect to anything greater than ourselves. Ego tells us that we are the almighty who have all the great answers and life is all just one big rat race; however, God wants us to be humble to understand that we are not individual… Continue reading I Like That Your Broken, Broken Like Me…

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Out of Egypt I Called My Son

I had my moments in life. There are stories about myself that I cannot explain. I believe God gave me my dark experiences for only me to understand. I cannot explain them, I can only learn from them. I needed grounding. I needed to make sense of the spiritual whirlwind I was in. That was… Continue reading Out of Egypt I Called My Son

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The Negative Energy

Bring Out Your Best Low self-esteem is just a lack of confidence in oneself. We all have low self-esteem. Some are just more insecure than others. It helps when we surround ourselves with POSITIVE PEOPLE who will lift us up because they see the GOOD IN US. If we surround ourselves with people who will… Continue reading The Negative Energy

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Chilly was that cool winter air That came to me without warning Swept me of to an oblivion Reaching a stillness both far and beyond Undecided of either staying or leaving It captured me there for awhile. Like painted scenery, time sat still It's dark colours said nothing to me that day. A warm, safe… Continue reading Yesterday