Faith, Poetry, Video Story

To Life

A distorted reality wanted to play, Since a worldly mentality had stolen me away. In my misery of misunderstood shame, I became overwhelmed with all the pain. And life took advantage of that sweet scent of vulnerability, Capturing me in confusion without any pity, Like cheap perfume it lingered around, Trying hard to hide Truth… Continue reading To Life

Encourgement, Poetry, Thought-Provoking

Driven by Darkness

It's name is fear You know, I realize that it isn't so bad being in uncomfortable situations. When I am in one now, I know I just have to figure a way how to get out of it. It's called fear. Everyone has it. We are all insecure about something. What is your insecurity? We… Continue reading Driven by Darkness

Video Story

Wasted Pearls

The inward cry revealed a lesson to learn, Her vulnerable heart sought out to discern. Time left abandoned, squandered away, The healthy giver had only good things to say. Yet cruel intentions betrayed her unaware heart, That remnant of deception loitered from the start. Committed devotion now lifeless and astray, Trampled by the feet where… Continue reading Wasted Pearls