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The Yetzer Ha Ra and The Virgin Birth

Yetzer ha ra means evil inclination in Hebrew. It is the inclination for the bad. Yetzer tov is the inclination for the good. Inclination for the bad is the urge from within that takes you away from what you want or desire. It is the inclination within that goes against our self. Why are people… Continue reading The Yetzer Ha Ra and The Virgin Birth

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The Month of Elul: A Kiss from God

A Deep Look Into Ourselves Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish holiday that is next month. It is the month of a New Year on the Hebrew calendar. Christianity calls this holy day The Feast of Trumpets. The focus of the month of Elul is self-reflection. The name of the month means to harvest. Ani L’Dodi… Continue reading The Month of Elul: A Kiss from God


Clubhouse: The Gentile Connection

Relationships for me in the past have not been healthy ones. If a person is not whole in themselves, first, before loving another, then they will love the other person for the wrong reason. They want to be in a relationship to fill a void in themselves. The relationship for them is for selfish reasons… Continue reading Clubhouse: The Gentile Connection

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The Awareness of You

If you are depressed then you are struggling to understand a deeper part of yourself that is the opposite of depression. God reveals Himself in an image. We reveal our true selves through an image because we are the image of God. We can understand who we truly are if we are trying to understand… Continue reading The Awareness of You

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God is so Romantic, Don’t You Think?

I realized something today, we are all her. For a bit there I was seeing her as the outcast and the one who is not accepted, like me, a Gentile. But, truthfully, we are all her that is in exile. We are all an outcast trying to find our way back to that perfect garden.… Continue reading God is so Romantic, Don’t You Think?

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The Love of Diversity

God wants to be in this world. We are the temple. We are the vessel that carries His light. He created each and every one of us, so each one of us has this light within ourselves. God is only good so God is all the attributes of all things that are good. Rabbi David… Continue reading The Love of Diversity

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The Image of God

There has to be an opposite image to creation. That is because we are created as an image, so everything physical is in an image. The physical is actually our darkness, but we need the physical and the darkness to see the spiritual and the light (this is God) because we cannot see God with… Continue reading The Image of God