Spiritual Advisor

I would like to help you connect to your deeper soul purpose.


My own journey to self began when I was deeply lost and suicidal. I decided to find out if God was real. That began my journey to finding my true self and understanding more about God’s deep love. We are always on a journey to learning more about God — There is no ceiling. I believe in God, but I don’t believe God is religion. I believe God can be found in religion. Religion is one way of understanding who God is. Religion provides instruction; however, it is love that needs to be learned. My religious influences are from Judaic-Christian sources, but I believe that wisdom is found when all sources of information from all of us are respected to align together as one.


Service 1

Meet & Greet

I can assist you to discover your true self by helping you recognize possible barriers that you might be facing that hinder you from discovering your true identity. Through Biblical truths, I can help you see yourself the way God sees you.

Service 2


Together we can recognize what changes are most benificial as I help you recognize how to keep yourself balanced in a world that is full of negativity and chaos. I will help you align yourself to stay on a positive path by giving you suggestions that will help keep you focused to continue on your new enlightened journey.

Service 3

You Tell Me

We can talk about whatever you want to talk about. I can share with you my experiences from an honest, open heart and reveal the steps that I took that helped me to become a stronger person.