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Never Give Up!

The Bible is a great place for encouragement. Religion speaks its own language, but the Bible has a language of encouragement that is universal. There are many scripture references that can encourage, but I picked only these two for you to be encouraged today. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper… Continue reading Never Give Up!

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The Negative Energy

Bring Out Your Best Low self-esteem is just a lack of confidence in oneself. We all have low self-esteem. Some are just more insecure than others. It helps when we surround ourselves with POSITIVE PEOPLE who will lift us up because they see the GOOD IN US. If we surround ourselves with people who will… Continue reading The Negative Energy

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The Storm

An uproar of madness, Loitered sadness, Emotions confining, Confusion defining, Paralyzing fear. A wasted thought, Happens a lot, Nothing but time, Pretending I'm fine, Out of control. Heart ache abode, Manic episode, Hating the feeling, Nothing's appealing, Giving up now. On my knees, Begging God please, Waiting to end, These scars please mend, Is there… Continue reading The Storm