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The Broken Hallelujah

You may be frustrated with life because you want to do the right thing, but it seems that the world does not care or that it is always out to get you. You try to understand love as you feel it in your soul, but you are having a hard time to connect or see… Continue reading The Broken Hallelujah

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You’re Gonna Be Okay

I spent my life in darkness -- I was in a spiritual whirlwind for most of it and didn't know the difference between up from down. It is hard to believe I was so confused. Negative thoughts consumed me and controlled my every move. Are you in a bad place in your life right now?… Continue reading You’re Gonna Be Okay

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Darkness has had it's thumb on me most of my life -- Too heavy for me to lift off of me; negative thoughts consumed my mind by constantly telling me I was a failure, a parasite, and that I would never amount to anything. I could not run away from the negativity of my mind… Continue reading PAIN: YOU MADE ME A BELIEVER!

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When You Know Darkness You Know Light

I am a person who was raised in fear. My life only knew fear, which pushed me to do something about my fear. It was killing me. As a child, I was not given the comfort of security by having parents who nurtured me with confidence. Instead, I was raised in a stringent, perfectionist environment.… Continue reading When You Know Darkness You Know Light

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Be Blessed Has it always seemed as though you can never get ahead? You start to loose hope as everything around you takes advantage of everything about you. You give, give, give, but never get back? You quietly sink into your famous corner and as usual you never say a word. Is this you? Are… Continue reading FIND YOUR INNER VOICE AND LET IT ROAR!