Encourgement, Faith

This Is A Revolution

So here we are, you and I, and it is beginning to make sense. Actually, more and more, we are becoming confident. Confidence is our strength. The world has dismissed us for so long that we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten who we really are. How could we possibly forget? The Journey We never… Continue reading This Is A Revolution

Faith, Inspirational

A Return To Love

After a long winter and being couped up indoors, you can sense the happiness all around you as you step into the first glimpse of spring. The sun comes out, and even though it is still cold out, the smiling people around you reveal they are feeling good about things too... I put on my… Continue reading A Return To Love

Faith, Inspirational

You Can Do Anything When You Do It For Love!

We live in a world of duality. For me, the extreme is obvious. It has been my insanity and sanity. There is no one that is completely bad and no one that is completely good. There is only becoming... We strive to know what is good, but what is good? Your version of good might… Continue reading You Can Do Anything When You Do It For Love!