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Connection, Reflection, Complement, and Balance

Through overcoming my own intimate battle with fear, I was inspired to write We Are One to give hope to others that conquering our fears is possible and that there is more to understand about ourselves and each other.

This is a thought-provoking book illustrated with poetry that will challenge and encourage a reader to seek and find their happier self. From Judeo-Christian sources, I talk about the learning journey to finding self that takes one from darkness to light to discover who they truly are and why we need each other.

With deep concepts to meditate on, ultimately, this book is about love that is seen in all relationships; firstly through the relationship between man and God, secondly between a man and a woman, and lastly between Jews and Gentiles.

Unity is learning how to love oneself and then each other to understand that we are one. 

I hope the things I write will spiritually enlighten and bless you!

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