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Connection, Reflection, Complement, and Balance

These days many of us are seeking to learn something deeper about ourselves. Whether we are religious or not, we yearn for a connection. We Are One is about a journey from darkness to light, eloquently illustrated through the author’s personal experiences and her poetry.

Her faith lead her on a path to believe in herself, ultimately discovering that God is love and blindness is an inherited curse. The challenge is to find the light of truth since truth converts pain into strength and gives purpose to one’s life. God is truth and finding God is learning that we are all uniquely defined with a special purpose.

Each person sees things differently because we are all on our own unique journeys, equally a part of God, and can learn from one another. Each of us has an inherited piece of God within us; we just need to believe that it is there. Finally, we must learn how to love. We are not designed to be separate from one another; instead, we are here because we are meant to be One, in unity. We are all part of a bigger picture and we need one another to understand the reason why.

~ For all soul seekers who want more out of life ~