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My Roots Are In The Ground

Information is vast but at the same time, it is overwhelming. The speed at which we are moving now is fast. Light is faster than darkness. I hope we are all doing our work because whoever is not paying attention may eventually have no way of knowing how to catch up.

The Pressure is ON

Darkness did a good job of keeping a tight lid on things. It is easy for us to shut the door on what we all do not want to face — ourselves! But that time is here and now, and there is no more hiding from it. The light is exposed and now we cannot lie about anything anymore. Truth is here, so we cannot continue to lie to ourselves no matter how much we want to be in denial about it.

We are beginning to know the truth or at least some of us are admitting it. We are the ones excitedly telling the rest of us who have also been desperately seeking a way out of the entrapment of ignorance that the world delights in keeping us in.

High Above Me

The feminine seems to be what we are so very disconnected from. We have not understood her.

The masculine is the dominant force in the world that needs proof. It does not believe. It needs the pathways that take one to understand her. She is his heart.

To get to her, there is no straightforward path! You must understand who she is. There are no shortcuts! Instead, you have to take the long way around everything and ensure that you looked in every single nook and cranny. Where is she anyway?

Finding her is finding you because she is every single one of us.

The Healing Journey

We all come from God who is like Adam who is the image of God. Humanity came out of Him and became her. She is like the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. We learn from the darkness that we are always in. He is on the outside. It is the other that challenges us to see Him.

Once we overcome the challenge that life has, we have an Oprah Winfrey aha moment. That is when the revelation of Him becomes clear.

We all are struggling to understand our own selves! We do that by not only becoming a prized student who does their homework but also by applying what we learn to our actions. It is an equal force of receiving (feminine) and giving back (masculine). This is our wheel within a wheel that keeps us in harmony within ourselves. We are constantly evolving into something new and better.

There is no end to what we can know because God is infinite.

Information is now available at our fingertips. I am one of the few that loves the internet because the internet has made information accessible. No longer are we confined by the barriers of religion or language that kept us in so much darkness about ourselves.

Be Resourceful

We have an opportunity to become healed beings. There is a lot of old information out there that we have to realize is just no good. We have the ability to heal so many of our problems by taking the initiative to heal ourselves! Eat better, exercise, leave the toxic environment, and just make better choices for your overall mental and physical well-being.

More and more we have to become less dependent on the old system that is simply not up to the times. We have to choose to find food that is healthier, more organic, and not full of preservatives. We have to try to sleep better and be less reliant on drugs to deal with our anxieties. We have to learn to discern what is causing us to be anxious in the first place. We have to go back to nature and the natural way of being because choosing the synthetic version of what is more available to us is killing us!

The more we remove the layers and layers of mud that have accumulated on top of us that stems from all the way back to the beginning — the beginning of who we are, our birth into this world; the more we will realize all the lies that we have believed from our peers and even our parents that are not in line with the truth about who we really are.

We are learning. We all are waking up!

The more we understand our truth and where we came from, the more we can heal from all the trauma that the world has put us through.

The more healing we do, the more we will see. Knowing is not only from the books that we have left behind. The books help us. They are our breadcrumbs that are there to take us back home. But there are a lot of breadcrumbs that we left that lead to nowhere, even making us lost, and then we have to find the trail again that is unbroken and learn to follow that one.

Information is God and God is revealed through everything and everyone. He is our soul that is clean and pure from all the distractions and chaos of the deceptions of the darkness that we created in our ignorance of Him.

Our soul with Him knows Him because it is who we are.

We never created Him. He created us. We only reveal Him.

Our soul knows what is truth because it is us. Truth is already here, inside of ourselves. We have to learn to find it by doing our hard work. Our love for Him and each other reveals our divinity because love is from Him. Love for the other goes against our desire to have pleasure for our individual selves.

Without God we are narcissistic and we don’t even see that we are.

But we are beginning to see now how our selfishness has taken us down a very dark road and here we are all addicted to only satisfying our narcissistic self. We have no consideration for the other. We do not see how our insensitivity affects each other. We do not see or believe in God. We are negative and the layers of dirt above us are so thick and heavy that we cannot believe there is any light out there — Instead, we only believe in our darkness.

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  1. ❗ WOW…This Really is a “Aha Moment”👍🏿!!💯 I realize that you’ve said this all before, but, this time it hit a bit different…Keep up the GO(o)D Work Beautiful Soul!!!!🙏🏿✝️✡

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